Why I shouldn’t post when feeling morose and discombobulated

Sorry about the really random post yesterday.  I felt discombobulated and lonely all day.  Definitely feeling more like myself today.

I went to be before 2 am, and while I meant to get up at 8am and didn’t get up until 9:30, it’s still better then sleeping until noon.  I got up, walked the dogs, and actually cooked up some sausage and eggs for myself and made coffee, and took my car in to get an estimate.  So yay, go me, getting back on track.

Now to job hunt!

Tomorrow I go in to see the doctor at the Weight Loss Clinic.  I weighed in today at 245.4lbs. Which sucks, but it’s my starting place I guess. (I also forgot to weigh in right when I woke up so it was a little alter in the day, the past week I’ve been hovering about 240 so I blame the extra weight on the change of time of day it happened)

Saturday I get to visit an old friend M, who had her little boy O last month.  She is a single mom, and one of the strongest ladies I know.  I was weird dealing with her pregnancy, yet another “unplanned” pregnancy but I’m in a place where I’m really happy for her, and I’m excited to meet the little guy in person.  I may struggle with infertility, but she has had to struggle with an unplanned pregnancy with a guy who abandoned her.  As much as I want a child, I am so thankful I have a partner who supports me and will be there to raise our child(ren) together.

Sunday is Church and possibly spending some time with my dad.

So, lots of things to look forward to, and to be thankful for.  I’ve got my iTunes playing, the sun in shining and it’s too hot out, and 3 dogs who love to cuddle, and plenty of good books calling my name.


2 responses to this post.

  1. good luck with the weight loss!!!


  2. I am glad that things are looking better for you! I hope you have an amazing weekend!


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