Survived My First Week Living in Tacoma!

I’m gonna stop apologizing for not being around, I’m just so busy lately!  I really am thinking of everyone, and I get many blog updates sent to my email so even if I’m not posting I can often read on my iPhone as I’m running around.

Been busy with the whole unpacking thing, and many folks have invited me over for various meals which is greatly appreciated but does pull me away from unpacking… and of course my laptop!

Hubster left to go back to Colorado on Wednesday.  I am so glad I have my dogs, even though they drive me crazy frequently they really help when I get hit with the intense loneliness, usually in the evening as I’m crawling into bed and I’m struck by the emptiness of my apartment.  He got back into town and got to work cleaning our old house, and reportedly took a full pickup-bed-load to the dump, and another load to donate to Goodwill.  I greatly appreciate all the work he must have put in to do that and then clean the house!  But I miss him and I’m more then a little stressed that he hasn’t been sent out on any more paid fires yet.  I know it seems weird to many, but I pray every night that he gets sent out on a fire.  Really what it boils down to is prayer for both of us to find work, to find income.  For my readers who do pray, I appreciate your prayers for us in this!  It’s tough too because I find myself constantly hitting points in my day that I miss him and could legitimately use his help.  For instance…

I went shopping to Ikea to pick up some shelving stuff I needed.  The bookcases I purchased were incredibly heavy and awkward, and I was at a loss for how to get them out of my car and up to my third story apartment with no handy-dandy Ikea employee present to help me!  Luckily my dad just happened to be driving through the area and called, and swung in to say hi and agreed to help me.  So I get said heavy/awkward boxes upstairs, and after he leaves I set to work to put them together… only to discover that one was broken.  Sure, I could return it and get a new one… but how to get it downstairs and back into my car?  And once I got the new one, how to get it back UP the stairs?  I admit I had a bit of a meltdown, crying and feeling pretty dang alone.  Luckily I was able to pull myselft together nad get a hold of my paretns to help me over the weekend with various projects, and while doing that we realized that I didn’t need to take the entire thing in, just the one board that was broken, and Ikea would replace it.  I can lift the single board by myself.  HURRAY!

However, I have to admit that in my moment of meltdown, I caved to my old enemy of junk food…. and ate a quarter of a key lime pie and a bowl of gelatto.  The little voice in my head that pipes up and says “Don’t waste money, don’t eat junk food, you want to lose weight to be healthy and be able to have a healthy pregnancy!” just shut off.  Was.Not.There.   *sigh*

On the upside my dad came out Saturday evening and helped me put together a shelf to go over my fireplace that will eventually house my TV.  (One shelf took the two of us 2 hours… carpenters we are not lol)  Sunday my mom came down when I was done with church and helped me put together the bookshelf that could become my chine cabinet, and then helped me organize my kitchen.  The place doesn’t look the same as it did Friday evening, that’s for sure!  It feels very relieving  to have my home a but more organized and unpacked and put together.  Even my bathroom is slowly coming together, the counter-top is still a cluttered mess but I got the boxes out and set it up with a dog bed and water so the dogs can stay in there when I’m out and have more space then they have been getting when they are crated.

Other then the pie-and-ice-cream-incident, I have been doing fairly well.  Trying to keep just fresh fruits, veggies and meats in my fridge, and take the dogs on numerous walks a day.  I haven’t stepped on the scale in a long time though, probably should remember to do that first thing tomorrow.


Love and hugs to all my readers out there tonight.  Those I know IRL and those who I only know via computer-land 🙂

PS-I sent out a job application on Saturday as well.  My plan for the next week includes really cracking down on job hunting, catching up on blogs, finishing to put the apartment together, and going to the weight loss seminar on Monday.  I’ll let y’all know how it goes!


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  1. St. Xenia of St. Petersburg is a good one to ask for job-related prayers. You’ll be in my prayers, too!

    Go easy on yourself. Everyone splurges occasionally and it’s fine as long as it’s occasionally. You’ve certainly had enough on your plate lately!


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