The New Plan

Hey guys!  Nope, I didn’t fall off the face of the planet, but with the move this has really been my first opportunity to update.  I hope to catch up on everyone’s blogs quickly.  My internet reception in the new apartment is really good, I was able to watch a movie a la online last night so that is light years ahead of what I could do one week ago.

The Move: We got on the road Thursday morning but it turns out my father has the bladder of a pregnant woman, and instead of being a stereotypical man in that bathroom breaks are performed speedily, he would meander around, “stretching” and basically taking forever.  So we only got as far as Billings, MT, but it gave us the opportunity to have dinner with Hubster’s mom, and his sister and niece.  We probably had the energy to continue driving, but it was nice to have free lodging… the downside was that Friday I ended up being awake for 22 1/2 hours, most of them spent driving.  We got into my dad’s house at 4:15am, crawled into a spare bed about 4:20 and was out by 4:30am.  Woke up at 9 to get out to our new apartment and unload the moving truck with the help of some friends and all in all, it was incredibly, extremely exhausting and I am glad that it is behind me.  Now just to unpack all the boxes…

The joys of being roommate-less are ever increasing, as I am able to unpack boxes I haven’t been able to in years simply because there wasn’t space.  I realized I need to get some simple little cabinet with glass doors for all my china, as it is quickly taking over the kitchen.  I am looking forward to actually being able to USE it!  Excited about being able to set the temperature without someone changing it, being able to have out dogs with us without worrying about someone else’s dogs attacking them, having a bathroom with a big counter and a bath tub, being able to not worry that someone will soak my cast iron pots and pans… it’s pretty much one big ball of awesomeness.

We have been so lucky to have so many people out here, friends inviting us to dinner and making plans… it is this great feeling of we are where we should be.  We even found an Orthodox church and enjoyed going there yesterday.  I think it will be a good fit 🙂

So now onto the “juicy” stuff, the stuff I know you all really want to read about…. our visit with the fertility specialist in Seattle.  I think I’m going to call the doctor Dr.Reasonable.  Because, well, she was very down to earth and came up with a plan that while is not what I had intended when I first walked in, seems to make the most sense.  But let me back up….

We drove into Seattle and via the GPS instructions on our iPhones, were told we had found the building and I promptly looked for a parking garage.  (ok, the big downside of this place is that there is not free parking)  It’s a beautiful day, the sun is out, big white puffy clouds, it’s not too hot, we were an hour early so decided to find some lunch.  We basically walked in a giant circle, then found a Subway right next to the clinic.  A sandwich later we were riding up to the 10th floor in the escalator.

Get into the office and sit down to wait.  Hubster is suddenly getting all quiet and grumpy, and saying things like “Why are we here?  We don’t have insurance!” which just stresses me out.  I mean, I know this stuff is expensive.  And I know we aren’t rich.  And I realize we still have room to improve in our budgeting skills.  But… we had talked about this.  I thought we were on the same page.  I thought we both wanted to start trying again.  So since we are in public I’m doing my best to not give into the intense rage or the sobbing hysteria I felt my emotions waffling back and forth between.  We get shown back to the office consult room and again are waiting for the doctor.  You could have cut the tension between Hubster and I with a knife, ***there was an almost palpable sense of some giant clock over our heads letting out a dramatic Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Then to add to my pissed-off-ness Hubster starts nodding off in his chair!  I mean, here we are in a pretty fancy doctor’s office and he’s taking  a nap!  What if he totally offends the doctor??? I’m really about to lose me cool when finally Dr.Reasonable came in.  She was so bubbly and warm and didn’t seem to notice that Hubster was being super-grouch and not saying anything… She was really impressed with my thoroughness of filling out the forms, although she did seems surprised at the lack of testing Dr.B had done.  But when we explained that at this point we would be paying for it 100% out of pocket she wasn’t pushy, and was absolutely was on board with making the best decisions with the money.  So we decided to test my thyroid and prolactin levels to see if they are in any way elevated, because even mild elevations can inhibit ovulations and increase miscarriage risk.  They are also pretty easy to fix.  So we should get those results tomorrow.

Dr.Reasonable explained that for cost and efficacy reasons that going the frozen-sperm-route wouldn’t really be advisable.  Frozen sperm isn’t as good as fresh for an IUI and it’s also really expensive.  I have to say I was a little blown away that she wasn’t trying to convince us to spend a bunch of money.  So we decided against TTC while Hubster is fighting fire, and instead work on some other things.  She also asked for me to explain my weight history, and was very nice about it, I appreciated that she brought it up, and she sent a referral to the hospital’s weight loss center for me.  I’m really excited that I have a doctor that is taking my weight concerns seriously.  I actually do know a LOT about nutrition, and I feel like generally I eat pretty healthy, and I think it’s time to get a little help from a medicinal point.  Dr.Reasonable assured me she has had many clients see this center to lose weight and be successful in losing weight and getting pregnant, and that there is a great variety of drugs and even surgery options that are healthy while trying to get pregnant.  I don’t really want to go in for surgery but I would really love more information about some of the medication options.

I also talked with her about Metformin and she agreed that it couldn’t hurt, and that many women even lose weight on it, so I picked up my prescription this afternoon and took my first pill tonight.  WOOHOO, I feel like I’m finally doing something and have a plan.  So the plan in bullet point is as follows:

-Take Metformin.  It takes a few weeks to titrate up to the full dose so it’s something I will be taking on a daily basis until pregnancy is achieved.

-Lose Weight.  Get in to see the weightloss center people, and every time pie or ice cream calls to me I will say a little mantra about healthy body, healthy pregnancy, healthy baby.

-Try for a Pregnancy in the Fall.  Hubster returns to Colorado on Wednesday, and once the fire season is over and he is back in town we will reconvene and either do another medicated cycle with timed intercourse or an IUI.  I would really like to just to a flippin’ IUI, we will have the money and it will only help our chances really.  Dr.Reasonable also wants to do another SA since  the last one was such low volume.  If it is still low, she wants to see if there is bladder retrograde happening (where a bunch of the sperm ends up in the urinary bladder.  So Hubster would deposit sample into a cup, and then pee in another cup to see if there is sperm in the urine, and if so they can fish ’em out for the IUI.  Crazy hu?)

So there ya have it.  My new plan.  While it’s not what I went in wanting, I feel good about it.  Now let’s hope I can continue to stay positive… I’m sure the disappointment of “putting it off again” will rear it’s ugly head soon enough though.

On a final note, the other downside of this clinic…. for 45 minutes with the doctor, a blood draw and two “cheap” tests our bill today was just shy of $450.  *blink, blink. cough, cough* Wow, that’s going to take a bit to swallow….

*** I would like to state that Hubster and I had a very good conversation about how I felt at the clinic this evening, and he apologized for upsetting me, and  said that his complaints were really about his headache and the fact that because of his headache he didn’t want to be there, he wanted to be home.  `I can see where he is coming from but it is still really upsetting when he handles things like that…  Well, I’m starting to feel wiped out, maybe I need a nap? Or it is 10, I guess I could just go to bed lol.


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  1. Yeah.. this is a super big deal in your lives, and your husband needs to make a little more effort to be supportive in this. I know my husband found it even harder than me to swallow how much money we spent at the RE, but it was worth every dime.

    I know you know we did a frozen IUI with success while C was in ND, but yes, it was expensive – $700 just for the freeze and required CBC panel. Ouch. Since you want to get your weight under control to up your chances of success, I think waiting until the fall is really a great option to help you get healthier, save up some money, and increase your chances of a BFP. Also, if you’re unhappy with your weight right now, remember you’re set to gain even more once you’re pregnant, so really try to stick with it this summer and get to a place that you’re happier with NOW. It will really make a difference!

    If you get a minute, check out Sarah’s blog:
    She has been chronicling her weight loss journey (including being on Metformin for PCOS) and just got her BFP. Maybe she’ll have some tips that can help you!


  2. So glad that you are getting settled and that there is a plan in place. It sounds like you’ve got a great doc.

    I loved living in Seattle, and I miss it a lot. It’s funny, because people who are native to the area where I live can’t imagine wanting to live somewhere like Seattle, with the abundance of rain, but the immense green-ness of the area just fed my soul.


  3. Posted by babycrazykiwi on July 12, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Men…they’re so weird the way they handle stuff sometimes.
    Great update…loving that you have a plan. I so didn’t know that sperm could end up in urine OR that they could fish it out!
    All the best with this next leg of your journey!


  4. good luck with the plan!


  5. Glad to hear the move is done, must feel good. The costs at fertility clinics are crazy. I can’t understand what it is that’s so expensive in the end. Sounds like you had a good first meeting though.

    Encouragement for weight-loss is wonderful. Hope you can get inspired enough to keep it up. It’s not easy but think of the prize in the end and you’ll make it.


  6. yay for surviving the move and yay for what sounds like a very productive first RE visit! yes, freezing swimmers is expensive, both because of the freeze and b/c of all the required blood work that tissue storage laws require (about $1000 the times we’ve done it….lasts a year, but still $$$). anyways, cost plus your other goal of weightloss and just having dh present to be supportive (and hopefully awake 😉 ), sounds like the fall will be great timing. hopefully having other things to “do”, like the metformin and getting settled will help the time pass relatively quickly.


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