Overloaded, Pina Coladas, and Colorful Explosives

So I’m sure you guys have been wondering what was going on this weekend (or, probably not… you guys probably don’t wander about your day wondering about a single blogger’s headache) Anyway, I spent  Friday and Saturday busy.  Or, at least busy for me.  Friday night I spent a long evening with friends, then brunch on Saturday with the same friends, brief break to check on dogs etc, then a quick dinner and we went to Vespers service at a different Orthodox church since our priest was out of town, then back to our regular church for a birthday party for one of the parishioner’s.  (70 years, amazing hu???)

So that in and of itself was enough to bean overload of socializing for me.  But in addition to that, my dear friend’s husband has recently been through a great growth in his faith  after spending a week at a monastery.  Which is great for him, but now he’s trying to help all those around him… and I think that mostly he is inadvertently hurting a lot of feelings.  Such was the case for me, he was trying to give me spiritual/fertility advice even though he has never dealt with infertility.  Usually I ignore such comments; or I get angry, but very rarely do I take them to heart.  I’m too stubborn and independent and rebellious for that! *angelic smile*  But for whatever reason, this time it was really affecting me.  (Sobbing breakdown in the shower Friday night… Joy.)  Thankfully I had the sense to message the woman who has been such a great spiritual advisor for me, and I had a nice chat with both her and her husband Sunday afternoon.  Basically a lot of it came down to the following advice:

-“Seek ye first the kingdom of God.”

-Monasteries aren’t magic.

-We are to have faith… and use our brains.  Prayer and faith are vital, but it’s not heretical to seek medical assistance either.

-There is freedom in Orthodoxy.

-There is much love and support from some wonderful people who have walked a similar road as us.

I cannot tell you, dear readers, what it meant to me to have these wonderful people to turn to when I was feeling so overwhelmed and discouraged.


In case anyone was curious, Hubster and I did end up having our “amorous reunion” and it was great 😀 although I was in quite the silly giggly mood so there were definite childish moments, but that’s the joy of being with someone for so long, and being so comfortable with them.  I can break out into “Do you like pina co-la-das!” and not have it totally ruin the mood.

(My shampoo smells like pina coladas, so it was in reference to my hair, in case any of you were wondering just how insane I am)


Just got done celebrating the Fourth of July at a church BBQ.  It was so wonderful and laid back, I got to spend some really great quality time with people I love a whole lot, and will miss greatly. (BTW, I realize that “church BBQ” could bring a lot of different images to different people based on their experience.  Our had great food, a variety of beers and other beverages, kids playing with sparklers and chalk, and adults lounging around and talking and laughing.  Not a lot of people being overly formal or stuffy or anything)

It got me to thinking though, I know many countries do have some form of “independence day”, but when do other countries use excessive amounts of colorful explosives?  I was thinking that maybe for New Years?  In which case I have decided I want to spend a New Years in some place like New Zealand because:

1-They have that whole opposite-season-thing going on.  I could be out dancing the night away and it would be WARM!  How crazy and splendiferous would that be????

2-They are super close to the date-line-thinga-majig, so they are some of the first to celebrate New Year’s.  It’s always cool to get to do something as soon as possible 😀

3-In theory, I could celebrate New Years, hop a plane to Seattle and celebrate the SAME New Year’s all in the same day!  That would be mind boggling, hu????? (Although really really exhausting….)

4-And of course, then I could meet Stinky and BabyCrazyKiwi!!!!!

So there ya have it, all the random thoughts buzzing about my brain in the middle of the night.  Getting the moving truck today, my dad get’s in tomorrow (Wednesday) and then… Thursday we start driving!  I knew it would come up fast, I knew I would be sitting here thinking “I can’t believe it’s here already” and well…. can I tell “I told you so” to myself?  Because that’s exactly what’s happening!


3 responses to this post.

  1. {{Hugs!}} Good to visit last night. Travel safely!


  2. in Canada, the most explosive is queen victoria’s day – May 24.

    Not because we love her so much (I bet most don’t even know who she’s and know the holiday as “may-two-four”) – but because this is the first weekend when explosives are allowed.

    And with all the official fireworks canceled this year (don’t know why) – it was a WAR ZONE with pretty much everyone making their own fireworks until well past 11 pm.


  3. Posted by babycrazykiwi on July 5, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    I guess I take it for granted that New Year’s Eve means warmth. No need for the duffel coat that night that’s for sure!. You’re always welcome to come celebrate with us here in good old NZ. We have fireworks for Guy Fawkes but that’s pretty much it and that’s the ONLY time they’re for public sale and we can only get them for 4 days leading up to Nov 5th. Yay for the ‘reunion’ gotta love those huh!


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