Body Modification

This should be short and sweet as I’m rocking a monster headache, so not my usual novel of length.

Friday I got a new piercing.  SQUEE!  It was a kind of going-away present from my friend D.P., she got some piercings herself too 🙂

A double corkscrew.  Don’t worry, my skin isn’t really that reddish-purple color, just some weird lighting apparently.

Now, some of you remember my previous post about my most recent tattoo here, and then a listing of all previous tattoos and piercings on my original blog here.  I wanted to put an updated picture of my tulip all healed but my computer has decided to stop uploading pictures.  I’m sure my internet is just overloaded, it’s just a little wimpling.

In other news, got lots of packing done, even tackled most of the kitchen stuff!  Hubster left Arizona this morning at 7am and now at 11:15pm he is about 2-3 hours from actually walking in the front door!  There had been some text conversations alluding to an amorous reunion but I’m exhausted and it’s late and I’m going to bed.  Snuggle tonight, amour tomorrow when we are both conscious lol!

On a random note, I  have this world clock, and so for the folks who live all over the globe, here in Colorado is it 11:15pm Saturday, but in:

Sydney, Australia it is 3:15pm Sunday

Jerusalem, Israel it is 8:15am Sunday

Edinburgh, Scotland it is 6:15am Sunday

New York, NY it is 1:15am Sunday

Seattle, WA it is 10:15pm Saturday

Sometimes that just boggles me mind; how it can 11:15pm here and 3:15pm tomorrow somewhere else, not to mention a completely different season!

…I think I seriously need some sleep.

I will try to talk about what all happened to cause the exhaustion and headache tomorrow, but for now I’ll just say: it was some friends who meant well, and love me a lot, but a little bit goes a long ways sometimes and today, I had a plethora of socializing.  Being an introvert I really need my “me” quite time and I just didn’t get enough of that today.

So, off to bed.  And when I wake up, I’ll have a hunky fireman in my bed!  😀



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  1. Posted by babycrazykiwi on July 3, 2011 at 12:46 am

    And 5.15pm Sunday in good old New Zealand! Never ceases to amaze me either the time thing and the season thing. Laughed at the amorous text msgs….when I had been in Auz for 2wks this summer I was texting the Fella at the airport asking if he needed anything brought home from town and his reply was “Some sandwich stuff and a good shag”. I practically snorted laughing in the middle of the check in line. Enjoy having your hunky fireman home!


    • I couldn’t remember if New Zealand was in a different timezone r not or I would have included it!
      That text made me laugh, although I think part of it whenever someone uses the term “shag” I think of the Austin Powers movies LOL!


      • 2 hours ahead of Sydney and/or Melbourne.

        Shag’s an english word though, as in “they were shagging”. Soujnds really tame now, but maybe a little dirtier and predetermined than the animalistic ‘rooting’ or ‘rutting’.

        Gotta, say, I really REALLY like that corkscrew, I have one ear cuff pierced where I wear a ‘nearly ring but not horsehoe’, I love it when it gets all creative and multi-holed (!)

  2. love your new earring!


  3. just popping over to say hi. been out of town all week and over socializing with folks. anyways, cute piercing and yay for a fireman in your bed soon! happy packing (moving sucks).


    • I’m glad you’re getting out and about! I try to pop over to your blog (and all the blogs I read) about once a week so no worries! Thankfully most of the packing is done but the downside us that there is reason that what is left is still unpacked… Last odds and ends neither of us really knows what to do with lol!


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