One week from now I will be halfway to Washington

In preparation of TTC again I have started taking vitamins again. This probably sounds stupid but it’s exciting to feel like I have a reason to take them again! And it’s a good thing too because I have MONTHS worth of these things and they weren’t cheap!

On the moving front I boxed up all my high heels, winter clothes and businessy clothes along with most of my DVDs except for a few I couldn’t fit in the box and will have to go in a box with some random something. I am officially out of boxes and need to get more tomorrow I got a dew today but apparently I need more!

I’m stressing a bit about money. We pulled some from Hubster’s trust fund but. I’ve been eating out quite a bit with friends and didn’t mean to spend quite as much as I did. I feel guilty but I don’t think I caused any serious financial damage I just need to be strict with myself from here on out. Part of was I thought Hubster would get paid sooner than it turns out that he will in fact get paid so I figured there was more wiggle room. Like I said, no major damage I’m just really angry with myself and now I can’t sleep because of it!

I think I’m going to give in and take a sleep aid because I have a number of things to do tomorrow including my final appointment with Dr.Empathy so I want to be aware of what’s going on lol!


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  1. How exciting that you found a new clinic! That’s really good news that you got an appointment so soon. Best of luck with the move.


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