Aaaaaannnnnd I’m back in the game!

Last night, I got hit with some rather stubborn insomnia *sigh* and decided to put it to good use.  I started googleing fertility specialists in Tacoma/Seattle area.  There are 2 in Tacoma, and a third located in Seattle.  At first it was a little overwhelming.  I mean, here in Fort Collins it is a small enough town that we really only have one fertility specialist, so I went to him.  Not really a lot of debating there.  But moving from tiny-college-town Fort Collins to a big city means… options.  Overwhelming options.  So I looked through their websites, and started reading online reviews.  I’ll break it down as follows:

Clinic A: Closest to where I’ll be moving.  Website has a good dose of humor, but ALL three of their doctors are men.  (I obviously have seen men before, but it was surprising they didn’t have any women doctors)  They put a lot of emphasis on trying to offer fertility treatments for everyone, and therefore claimed to have the lowest costs in the state of Washington.  Reviews were all over the place, some VERY positive and some VERY negative.  Many commented that the office was a bit outdated (probably how they keep costs low which I don’t have a problem with)

Clinic B: Second closest to where I’ll be moving.  Larger, more doctors, about half were women.  They had multiple locations throughout the Puget Sound area.  Reviews referenced the nice updated office/technology, mixed review on the compassion/competency of the doctors and nurses.

—Let me just take a moment to say that I try to take negative reviews with a grain of salt.  People have a tendency to be more motivated to write a review if they are angry then if they are satisfied.  Also, there are plenty of stupid people out there who could be taking issue with something that I would find minor.  For example, one women was raging that the nurse called her a “repeat aborter”, in reference to her multiple miscarriages.  While I see that is a very emotional issue, the fact is that it IS medical terminology, not meant to be offensive.  Since I work in the medical field someone using medical terms with me does not tend to upset me.  Anyway, needless to say I was feeling a little deer-in-the-headlights about which one was really better, until…

Clinic C: Furthest from where I will be moving, in downtown Seattle.  3 of the 4 doctors are women.  While there were less reviews than the other clinics had, there was not a SINGLE negative review.

*stunned silence* 

NO BAD REVIEWS???  Um yea…. I’ll drive the extra bit to go someplace that apparently is so awesome it hasn’t pissed off or offended anyone. (Or at least not bad enough for said person to write a negative review)  So…. I called up the clinic, told them I was moving to WA and wanted to continue my IF treatments.  The receptionist I spoke with was very nice and easygoing.  She took down a very good overview of my situation over the phone, and was able to offer me an appointment to talk with a doctor right away.  Monday the 11th, at 1pm, I officially get back into the game of TTC and IF.  I’m so excited I could pee me pants!

(But I wont, don’t worry)

She immediately sent me an email to set up an account on their website (I was a little nervous that internet/technology = poor personal skills but for some reason I’m not worried about that with this clinic) and I was able to put in my information in, in the privacy of my own home!  A few papers need to be signed and faxed over which I will try to get done in the next day or so.  Oh, and did I mention my doctor will be a woman?  A real, living, XX chromosome female.  How flippin’ cool is that!?! (Ok, I assume she is XX, it is certainly possible that she could be hermaphrodite XXY but that’s such a statistically low chance and she doesn’t look particularly androgynous, so I’m going to me an assumption here)

I feel excited and hopeful like I haven’t felt in a really long time. *Happy white girl dance – which basically looks like I’m wiggling my body from side to side while pumping my arms like I’m running or something.*

*8 days left in Colorado.  Start driving in 9 days.  Will be in Washington state in 10 days.  13 days until my doctor appointment!*


Random update:  I had brunch with RL, and then we ended up getting pedicures… and I realized as I was sitting here on my bed with my laptop (my usual MO as I try to avoid the 95+ degree weather) that……

My nail colors “match” my bedding!  LOL!  Can you guess what my favorite color is?  Hmmm…  😉

For those who like to do their nails… on my fingers is “Gemma” by ZOYA, and on my toes is “Show Me The Way” by SinfulColorsProffesional.


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  1. that’s great news! Looking forward to your report on your first visit – and what’s to follow!


    • I’ll definitely be posting stuff ASAP! My guess is on the 11th we are just sitting down to talk/plan an IUI with the doctor. I checked the calendar (you know I’ve been taking a break when I don’t know it off the top of my head!) and today, 6/29/11 I’m on CD 18. If I go my normal average of 24 days, that means I expect menses to start on or around the 5th of July… so that we wont actually do much with me at the first appointment medically-wise. We probably will do some blood work on Hubster so that a sample of his can be put in their freezer (standard procedure to make sure he doesn’t have any communicable diseases) and then gear up for whenever I hit CD1 near the end of July.


  2. Posted by babycrazykiwi on June 29, 2011 at 1:20 am

    I laughed at the white girl dance. I don’t think you should take the clinic’s use of technology as a negative sign..maybe its their way of being more efficient and transparent in their practice. I know I appreciate being able to access things via internet at any old time…in fact am not into things I can’t access via internet but that’s just me 🙂


    • I’m glad I made you laugh 😀 I try my best to describe my random reactions to things, sometimes I wonder if they translate very well or not when written out.
      I do think the technology is meant to enhance the experience, create an easy experience for the patient and most of us are so used to technology on a daily basis. It’s just something my Colorado clinic didn’t really have so it struck me as “scary” lol!


  3. (ok I’m whispering really quietly because I can’t type any smaller: male is XY, female is XX. Delete this comment if you want though)

    But YAY! Back in the game, so to speak. And yay for female doctors. jealous! Everyone is getting on with it all! (((()))))) not long now


    • HHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAA! I read that comment and was like “Why is Stinky talking about chromosomes, I KNOW which chromosome is which!”
      And then I scanned the original post.
      Wow, what a typo! I swear I do know the xy is male and xx is female! Just goes to show, no matter how many times I try to proofread my stuff, at the end of the day, I AM the typo queen. LOL!


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