My Crazy Weekend

Yesterday morning I saw that a friend posted on facebook that she would be having a garage sale today.  Immediately I thought of the three large pieces of furniture sitting in my living room that we do NOT want to move with us.  (Corner piece entertainment unit, bookshelf and a desk)  Don’t get me wrong, they are all quality pieces of furniture, but are large and heavy and have a tendency to accumulate random bits, so Hubster and I had made the decision to sell them.  We meant to put them con Craigslist, but then he went out of town to fight fire and I wasn’t super motivated… Anyway, so I saw this and thought it was a golden opportunity!  I immediately messaged my friend that I would bring by my stuff (She had requested stuff for the garage sale so it’s not like I was being rude) but then it hit me…

1-There was still stuff on those pieces of furniture.  “Oh, but not much” I promised myself, it would take only a little bit to get them completely cleared off (HA!  Yea, it took me most of the day)

2-I drive a Ford Focus wagon.  I don’t think I could fit one of the pieces of furniture in, let alone 3.  Who has a truck?  I could get Hubster’s truck, but that still leaves me with the problem of getting to his truck, and loading the furniture into it.

I first texted Khimmy but she wasn’t feeling well enough to move furniture but was willing to drive me to get Hubster’s truck.  Huzzah!  It was actually a great break in the clearing off/packing process.  So then I texted my friend RL and waited with baited breath.  RL may be a girl, but she can kick @ss and take names, so I figured she could do it if she was available. (I don’t really have a lot of guy friends, so there wasn’t really anyone in male-form to ask)  She replied she would help when she got off work!  I finished taking apart the desk about a half hour before she showed up, yay perfect timing!

We drove over and unloaded it at my friends house, and then headed our separate ways (She had plans for the evening, I offered to buy her dinner for her troubles, but it seems it was fate for her to leave because she got home to find her dog had injured itself and needed stitches.)  I ended up having dinner with Khimmy, and somehow made plans to see a movie today.

This morning we went to the cheap theater in town and saw Thor in 3D for $3.  I am suddenly wondering why I never went to this theater before now…  In case you were wondering, the movie was really good!  Both Khimmy and I read comic books as kids and so we geek out about Marvel movies, and had such a good time we decided to go see the double feature at the local drive in (hello, $6 for two movies???) because it was actually playing some good movies and Khimmy has never been to a drive in!  So I figured that’s something we have to do before I leave… so in a little bit I will be leaving to watch Green Lantern and X-Men:First Class.  (I told you we are geeks about this stuff lol!)  It also feels like a nice reward for having worked basically ALL DAY yesterday on moving.

This afternoon I vacuumed a bit (the areas the furniture used to be) and have been trying to catch up on blogs.  All in all, it is turning out to be a really good weekend and for that I am incredibly thankful.  Tomorrow is church and then I am telling myself I have to at least start to tackle the guest bedroom…

How is your weekends looking?


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  1. Posted by babycrazykiwi on June 25, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    Nothing like HAVING to get furniture moved to get the packing bug going!!
    Thanks for asking about my weekend….its freezing (I think winter might’ve finally arrived), wet and I’m all alone. Just making cupcakes and we speak mmmmmm. Hope the guest bedroom is going ok.


    • I know, right? I got so much done, having a deadline set by someone else makes such a difference.

      At this point I have a number of folks who I “know” in blogland who live “down under” (can I say that? or is it some American thing that’s actually offensive? if so, I apologize) so I do know you guys are on an opposite season system but still… it never ceases to amaze me. It’s like something from one of the marvel-comic-other-galaxy-movies, it’s hard sometimes to wrap my brain around the fact that we are on the same planet! I hope you’ve already pulled out your warm’n’fuzzy gear so you don’t get too cold 🙂

      Cupcakes are amazing! What kind did you make?? I have recently come to the decision that cupcakes are superior to cake because they are portable and come in handy single-servings. 🙂


  2. I relaxed all day! I have been working non-stop for weeks on end. I work 11 hour days M-F and then have another job that I work 1-2 evenings a week…so the relaxing day was much needed and enjoyed! This evening DH and I went out on a date; dinner and shopping (yes, I married a guy that actually likes to shop!). All in all it was a good day. Tomorrow is church and then in the evening we are going to see Steven Curtis Chapman, Jars of Clay and a couple other bands in concert! 🙂


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