Cleaning House?

Well, first thing first.  Throw some confetti, wear a silly hat, do a little dance… My laptop has been fixed!  It now plays DVD’s, and I have reinstalled my internet and Microsoft Office.

Other things to know and tell:

Hubster is still fighting fire.  In Arizona.  We talked last night, and he posted a video of a helicopter on Facebook today so all signs point to him being alive and well, although perhaps a little tired and bored of driving a Water Tender back and forth.  However, the money he is making will be a wonderful cushion while we find work, and I’m pushing to use some of it for an IUI once we get settled.

I had frozen yogurt with some old friends tonight, it was so great to catch up before I head out.  Here’s hoping we keep in touch, I love those ladies.  They were in the women’s group I originally met Bee in, and so they were there when we were first TTC, miscarriage, moving across country etc etc… the only “off” moment was when one of them teasingly asked me if Hubster would be moving with me this time.  I know, last time he didn’t because it was all so last minute but still… it was a little stab I didn’t expect or appreciate.  But that was the only moment of weirdness.

I haven’t packed anything in a while.  I keep staring, making mental lists of what needs to be done, what should get boxed up, what should get thrown away… but I don’t actually do it.  I’m epically failing as the housewife. (oh, I’m basically not working anymore, so that makes me housewife.  I need to seriously step it up)

I thankfully have my blogroll to work off of so have been able to find most of the blogs I read, although I didn’t have them all listed and am frantically trying to find them again.  But this brings me to my next point.  I read a lot of blogs.  A lot of really wonderful, witty, funny, poignant blogs.  Written by warm, wonderful women.  (I have yet to come across an IF blog written solely from the man’s POV…) However, with the move and everything, it is just too many to keep up with in the way I would like to.  So I think I’m going to have to clean “house” a little and limit the blogs I read.  I cannot tell you guys how guilty I feel about this.  Is that weird?  I really must stop with the self flagellation but it’s just a part of my nature.  Anyway, I really really hope I do not hurt any feelings, that is really my biggest fear.  So here’s the thing, I definitely want to keep up with those who regularly read my blog, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment so I know you are here!!!

I think I need to go find some chocolate or something to assuage my guilt.  On the other hand, I realize I’m really not that important and maybe folks wont notice if I stop reading?

Ok.  I need to get some sleep, and try this cleaning/packing thing again tomorrow.


On a last note, I had dinner with some Church friends Monday evening, and one of them graciously photocopied some of the morning/evening prayers and I have been actually saying them.  It has surprised me with how much it has made a difference in my frame of mind, and spiritual growth in less than a week.  I emailed the two Orthodox churches in the Tacoma area, and hope very much to continue this growth.  That is my biggest fear for this move, that we wont find a church right away … I just keep reminding myself to trust God in this too.  I heard back from one of the churches, and it sounds like a smaller church, close-knit community like the church I’m currently at.  It has definitely helped me to feel more at ease.

Alrighty; wash face, brush teeth, evening prayers, get some sleep.  Praying for all of you out there too!


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  1. Posted by babycrazykiwi on June 24, 2011 at 12:49 am

    I get where you’re coming from with the blogs. I really try to keep mine to no more than 15 and probably only about 5-6 of them post regularly so I manage to keep up. All the best with the packing etc – find I’m useless with packing unless the urge takes hold of me…then its all on!
    Take care 🙂


  2. I have “housecleaned” my blog list from time to time. I think it’s a good thing to do on occasion. I have about 20 or 30 blogs that I regularly comment on, and the rest of them (another 100 or so) I read and comment when I feel moved to.

    I hate packing. I really hate it, so I totally understand not doing it. I wish you the best in getting it done.

    I am glad that hubby is safe!


  3. Hi there,
    I got your request about my blog. I just set it to private temporarily while we try to figure out how to handle a sticky situation.
    Unfortunately someone I thought I could trust (I don’t know who but it was one of 6 people) shared my blog with someone without my permission. Yesterday was a horrible day of frustration and tears as I try to figure out how to move forward. I love my blog but I use it as a place to share my intimate thoughts and feelings as we go through infertility.
    I will be doing one of 4 things and I am takng the weekend to decide which way to go. 1.) keep it like it is and send out a reminder email that this blog is private and not to share it or information on it with others 2.) change the address and send a reminder email that this blog is private and not to share information with others 3.) change the address and invite those I know I can trust to follow me or 4.) keep it where it is but only allow those who I know I can trust to have access (keep it private).
    I hope to have a solution by Monday and will write a post about what happened and what my decision is…. Stay tuned! 🙂


    • Oh wow. I wondered what had happened, I am so sorry. I know that is what motivated me to move my blog… I think that the choice to go private is a totally acceptable one. I follow a number of blogs that are private. Definitely pray on it and go the direction that God leads. I will look forward to when the blog is “reopened”!


  4. haha, when I stay at home and don’t work, I also end up doing no-thing. I am far more productive when I have to juggle work, housework, hubby… Don’t worry, you’ll get things done!


  5. I hear ya on the blog thing. I follow around 150 blogs (insane, I know), but regularly comment on maybe 20-30? Now that I’m working a ton again, a lot of blogs I end up reading on my phone and it’s just too hard to comment from that. I keep reminding myself that blogging is supposed to be a feel-good outlet for me, not a source of more stress.

    Good luck with packing – maybe make a goal of 1 room a night? Or even a 1/2 room a night? I’m big on checklists too…helps me to feel productive and to SEE my progress. 🙂


    • 150 girl??? I can’t even imagine! You are my blogging hero!

      Well, the living room is mostly packed, the next thing I need to attack is our guest room, the bedroom/bathroom/kitchen will be last since those have items I use on a regular basis. (Although about half of the kitchen has been packed up when my roommate started packing her stuff and I was worried she just might “mix up” and nab some of my stuff, so all my expensive/high quality stuff got put away.) I need to do what I do when I clean, set a timer for 15 minutes and pack until it goes off and take a break, then come back and do again. It’s the only way to not get overwhelmed by it. I guess I’m just so used to having someone around to hold me accountable.


  6. Your move is coming up real fast now. I know the feeling, being home with lots of time but some days nothing gets done! Don’t worry about the blogs, I would totally understand. No guilty feelings for cleaning some out or/and taking a break.


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