My regular laptop is currently out of commission. The DVD reader hasn’t been working for a while, and I have been in touch with Acer support.  Before they agree to service my laptop of course they want me to check/try a number of things.  The last thing was they wanted me to completely reset my computer to its factory settings.  So, I took a deep breath, backed up all my files and did it.  And the DVD player… still does not work.  So what does that mean?  Sure, I could transfer all my files back, BUT, in order to use my internet USB I have to install some software… via the DVD drive.  Oh, and my Microsoft Office?  Needs to be installed by the DVD player.


So I have been getting online via my cell phone.  Which is NOT a smartphone.  It is The Worlds Most Basic Phone.

However, tonight I pulled out my OLD laptop.  And by old, I don’t just mean that it was my previous laptop.  I mean it is several years old.  Big, clunky, has to be plugged in 100% of the time or it dies.  It has to be positioned just so or it overheats, and dies.  BUT – it is better then nothing.

Of course now comes the debate of whether to send in my new laptop and let the warranty fix it or just fix it myself.  Warranty is free but the need some information I just don’t have(like when I bought it.  Last summer sometime???) and I do have to pay for shipping, and even once they get it it could take 7-10 business days to fix.  And I’m moving in, oh ya, 2 weeks 3 days!  So what are my options?  I could wait until after I move to send it in.  Oooooor… I could pay the 60 bucks and replace the DVD drive.  A lot less hassle, a lot faster, and I have to wonder how much shipping would be, would it just be worth it?

Onto other things in my life… I have kept incredibly busy this weekend which has been wonderful.  Yesterday my dear dear friend Bee and most of her family was Baptised/Christmated into the Orthodox Church.  The service which lasted roughly 2 hours was so beautiful and moving.  And I got to play photographer with my friend M’s fancy-schmancy camera since M was a Godmother and thus involved in the service.  Novice that I am, I have to say a few pictures did turn out pretty good.  I then went to a BBQ hosted by a good friend K.B. and her husband. K.B. is so much fun, her husband is really easygoing (he works for a local brewery) and her sister and I sit and talk about favorite books forever.  I haven’t seen them in a while because K.B. is working on her second degree  and has just been swamped with school, but I’m glad I got that time.  We are hoping to meet up again before I leave.  Her sister D.P. and I are also hoping to hang out a little too.

Then this morning I went to church and ended up playing photographer again for Bee and her family taking communion for the first time.  I started tearing up, all these powerful emotions.  These people in my church, I love.  They are my family.  And I will so very much miss them.  I haven’t really let myself thing about it, in part because I could sit and debate and waffle back and forth until the end of time, so I’m trying to just make a decision and go with it, but I cannot deny that I will miss some very wonderful, loving people when I move.  I actually did end up crying a little after the service when we all got ready to eat lunch and celebrate the newest “full fledged” members.  Besides missing people it is hard to come to terms with the fact that when Hubster and I get Chrismated it will not be in this church (most likely).  And it will not be surrounded by the people that have been so instrumental in welcoming us, and teaching us about this faith.

So then I came home and made my infamous triple chocolate and Guinness brownies (lactose and dairy free!) for a dinner party, and walked my dogs while the brownies cooled.  Then had the disaster that is my computer… then went to a dinner with some other coupled from the church.  It was so much fun to sit and chat about random things, our faith stories, what books everyone is reading…  I so very much cherish moments like this.  I feel like we could have sat and chatted into the wee hours of the morning if it wasn’t for the fact that we all have jobs or kids or something lol.

And now I just got off the phone with Hubster.  It sounds like he is doing well, although he sounded really tired.  I know he just left but I’m impatient for him to get home.  I’m hoping we can talk a little longer tomorrow…. and on that note I’m off to bed.  I know, I know, today is Father’s Day.  I love my dad, I am a daddies girl, but other than a short talk over the phone because he was busy doing yard-work, I really just didn’t do much for the holiday.  And on that note, I really am going to go to bed.  Fall asleep before insomnia can kick in 😉

-PS, with this old laptop I don’t have all my blog’s bookmarked, so I will have to be accessing blogs via my blogroll which is not how I usually do it, so if you don’t see me commenting much, leave a comment and let me know to make sure I don’t lose anyone while using this “plan B” technology.


7 responses to this post.

  1. “Chrismated”? no offence at ALL, but that sounds, to a heathen like me, like being christened and cremated at the same time!!

    Yay for keeping so busy, what a good opportunity atm to spend quality time with the people you are going to miss before you move

    Re the discdrive, I don’t know if these things work like this, but would it affect your warranty if you had the disc drive fixed yourself, but then something bigger and spendier happening to the lappy?


    • LMAO! That is hilarious. Yes, I know some of the words seem weird. I can’t say that I am a historian of words, I can’t explain why we use the words we use. Basically being Chrismated is to be anointed with oil into full membership of the Church, which means we can then partake of the sacraments, which includes confession and communion. If you were previously Baptized the Orthodox church wont Re-baptize you, they will Chrismate you. Probably more than you really cared to know lol….


      • no seriously, I like knowing about other religions.
        Is it like ‘confirmation’ which is what we had in our church growing up? I always wanted to be confirmed so that I could eat the wafer and chug the wine, not just get a blessing on my head.
        Says loads about my religious aspirations then.

        Annointed with oil? so not like an Ayurvedic massage then?

      • Your comments never cease to make me laugh, …and then share with whoever is around me 🙂 I think that sounds like what a lot of kids think, really it’s just about not really understanding what the sacraments mean. Nope, no massage either. Although I could use a massage….

  2. Sounds like you have had a wonderful weekend with great people. Frustrating when laptops not working. I don’t know much about these things so no help I’m afraid. Good luck with the big move.


  3. I think the “christened” meets “cremated” idea works – LOL. Chrism contains the Holy Spirit, and when you are anointed with it, you are sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit (which appeared as tongues of flames on the Apostles at Pentecost)…. so, it’s a stretch, but…. 🙂


  4. I am so pleased that you had a wonderful time at church. I love those moving experiences. Bummer about your computer!! I hope it all works out.


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