You say goodbye, I say hello

Hubster got home on Tuesday.  It was quite the happy reunion 😉 I absolutely adore him all scruffy, he has a beard and his hair is really starting to get long.  (Well, long for him.  He usually buzzes it, so it was about 5 or so inches which is a lot)

Wednesday we ran some errands and I worked a few hours.  (I am working a lot less hours.  With training the new girl, they only have so much income to pay for employees, and so I am working shorter and fewer shifts.) And then went to the evening service at church, and had dinner.  I love that our church actually has real meals, dinner on Wednesday and lunch on Sundays.  It really gives us time to visit with everyone!

Thursday I didn’t work at all, so we dragged out boxes from under the stairs to go through, and boxed up 5 or 6 boxes of stuff (mostly books), cleared off the desk that has been buried in mail for the last few months… and while that doesn’t sound like a lot, it felt like we got a good amount accomplished.  We took almost 300 pounds of trash to the dump, and got my dog Emma in for vaccines and had an acupuncture appointment for my old dog Radar, and met up for ice cream with my friend Bee, and later met up with Khimmy and her new “guy interest”… I love busy days but there was a moment of frustration as things ran late and I had to postpone some things.  (I was supposed to grab a beer with Khimmy and her man between the vaccines and acupuncture but there just wasn’t time.)

But then my happy little glow came to an end.  There had been much talk that after Hubster got back from fighting fires in southern Colorado that he would get sent to the Arizona fire for 2 weeks… getting him back about July 1st, less then a week before we move.  Now, he would make excellent money, and we could use it.  But I also miss him, having not seen him for about 3 weeks and there is also plenty to do for the move.  Anyway, so there was a lot of talk but in the end it seemed like things weren’t going to line up for it to work out and I was happy that Hubster would be staying home.  There are a lot of last minute events happening in the next few weeks and now he can come with me!  There is a Baptism, and a couple of dinners…  And then LATE last night he gets the call that they have it all figured out and he is getting flown out.  Today.

Needless to say I’m feeling a little blue.  A little lonely.  A little frustrated.

Add to that, my laptop is being a little wonky and so I need to take it in, which means I will be laptop-less for a few days.  So I’ll feel even MORE isolated.  I will try to access internet as much as I can, but just a heads up that I may be MIA for a little bit.

And the countdown continues… 2 weeks and 5 days left in Colorado!


2 responses to this post.

  1. oh wow, last minute long trip away…i’m so sorry! sending you loads of strength that you can fight through the loneliness with packing for your exciting upcoming move!


  2. Oh bummer, I’m sorry hon, hope it zooms by


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