My visit from my mom… and my aunt?

I just spent 48 hours straight with my mother.  And we both survived.

I love my mother, but there are very few people I can stand for 48 hours straight without a break.  I need my “me time”, time to decompress, time to not entertain or make conversation or debate annoying things like whether or not grains are bad for you (They are bad for you, always, even the whole grains.  But if you insist on eating them that’s fine but don’t get defensive when I say that I don’t eat them.  I’m trying to lose weight.)  My mother loves the sun.  And the heat.  I am happy if I am out in it for 5 minutes and then I’m done.  She dragged me around outside all weekend.  I’m exhausted.  I really look forward to when I live closer and we can meet up for an our or two for coffee and then go home.

On a completely separate note, Saturday was CD1.  Which when I look at my calendar means my last cycles was 18 days.  EIGHTEEN!!!!  Not 28.  I lost an entire TEN days.  I think that’s the shortest cycle I have had yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not officially “charting”.  I don’t take my BBT or chart my CM.  I just write CD1 on the calendar when it happens, casually keeping track of my cycles so once we are settled after our move I can jump into charting without having lost any valuable information.  I think that once you learn about charting, you can’t help but at the least be casually aware of approximately what is happening in your cycle.  You see blood and thing “oh, CD1” or you see some CM when using the restroom and think “hu, must be close to ovulation time… if I actually ovulate this time that is.  Either way, I should be about 2 weeks out from CD1” or whathaveyou.  So when I saw AF on Saturday when we were running errands my train of thought was something like this:

“wha-…. is that just a little pink? Maybe a miracle happened and our sex from CD 6 had sperm living long enough that they were around when I ovulated, and this is implantation bleeding!? … Oh, wait, too much red, this must be AF. *disappointed sigh* But wait, I know I saw some CM last weekend?  I didn’t expect AF, am I going to have to wad up this chintzy single-ply toilet paper? (I was at the grocery store bathroom after all) Oh wait, maybe I still have a tampon *digging in purse* … A-HA!  *holds tampon up like a trophy* Skidelydoo, so glad I still have one!…. must check the calendar when I get home and see how long that last cycle was because it seems short….” [I feel the need to reiterate that this was all thought, not said outloud.  That would have been weird for anybody else in the bathroom… although funny]

Got home and looked at the calendar and sure enough, that was one short cycle.  Obviously I never ovulated, my body didn’t even try to pretend like it did (other than prepping for it was CM).  Stupid body.  I kind of hate you body.  Not because you get breakouts a la PMS (although that sucks, cut it out).  Not because I have baby-fine hair that looks like I’m balding when my hair is dirty/greasy (although if you suddenly decided to grow luxurious thick hair I wouldn’t complain).  Not because you have a slow metabolism and eating addiction so I’m overweight (although that one does kind of piss me off).  Nope, I hate you because you do not perform the basic function the female body is supposed to perform.  Due to your lack of performance, I am sorry to notify that you are hereby fired, and shall be replaced.

Oh wait, I can’t do that.


I think I need some sleep, I’m getting loopy.

Last note – with my mom in town, and our aforementioned outside-running I have not been around my laptop except for extremely brief periods of time so I have no idea what is going on in all y’alls lives.  But I ❤ you, and will try to catch up in the next day or so.


7 responses to this post.

  1. I think the odd annovulatory cycle is ok, just not more than a couple a year. I had one about 2 years back and it freaked me right out. I guess your body was trying to ovulate and realised ‘not this time’ so no progesterone to pad out the luteal phase. Mine happened when I had 2 weeks consecutive camping at festivals:af started, thought ‘yay, I’ll be ok for next camping weekend’ and came on again for next camping weekend. Was NOT funny, or fun, especially when you’re trying to manage it with grotty toilets 1/2 a km away and you’ve dranken far too much!

    Yay for some peace after the momma visit too, am the same, people in small doses, self-imposed isolation in large ones.


    • Well, I basically never ovulate naturally (we are pretty sure that is me infertility issue at this time) but at least usually my body is close to how long a cycle length should be… I average around 24 days.

      It’s funny, sometimes I worry that since I do like my “me” time, or “self-imposed isolation” as you put it (which made me crack up!) will make me a bad mom, because you don’t ever really get a “break”… although there are things like jobs and school to allow the break. I know i shouldn’t worry, I worry about enough as it is lol.

      I am sorry for your crummy camping experience. That is just kid-with-a-magnifying-glass-and-an-ant mean!


      • LOL at last sentence! the camping was ok, just a bit awkward when not very steady on feet through naughtystuff!

        Yeah I worry about the same with liking the time to recharge, I go nuts (quietly, in my own head) when I am around needy people, or even just people 24/7. I am hoping that with my own spawn, it might be different. thats MY rosytinted dream!

  2. Metformin. Metformin, metformin, metformin. Really – I’ve BTDT – exactly as you describe it.

    Even if you’re not insulin resistant, it works. I’m not, and it made me ovulate. Try it – if only for me. 🙂


    • I promise to insist on it when we find a new fertility doc out in WA. 🙂 Although I wont be doing it ONLY for you, I really feel like walking in and being like “ok, I’m done playing nice, give me all your drugs and nobody gets hurt” lol. I’m done with trying a little at a time and getting negligible response and nothing to show for it (except a kick ass tattoo, but I would rather have a baby)


  3. suck!! stupid bodies!!

    on another note (hope it’s barely ok to put in a comment on a post about your CD1…..), thank you so much for the positive spin you but on the fact that I will be fully aware and not thrashing in desperate pain at my upcoming procedure. really appreciate you taking the time to point that out and helping me find the good and providing in general encouragement as always!!


    • you are always welcome to comment on whatever strikes your fancy… the only time I draw a line is if people write flaming or generally mean/cruel/unkind things… but even then I never delete them, because it’s what that person thought at the time.

      I’m glad I was able to help a little! I have some serious paranoia of writing something and it being misunderstood and being taken as hurtful or something so it means a lot to me that it was helpful!!!!


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