Retail Therapy

So I noticed today that our bank account was tad lower than it should be, and got to looking at why.  It turns out that I have been eating out.  A lot.  Usually when I eat out I always think “oh, I never do this” but looking at my bank statement for the last week, that is apparently wrong.

I feel like lately my time outside of work goes like this: Sitting on my bed, with my dogs, watching TV.  Feeling lonely.  Obsessively checking my email, facebook, and twitter for some semblance of news/contact with someone or something.  Then I will get some idea like “Oh! I should go get X.”  Now, sometimes X is actually needed (like a few groceries, or gas, or dog food) and other times it is not really needed (like eating out, or discovering new chocolate) but I tell myself that it will only cost a few bucks, and I get into my car on a mission for X.  And I go, and spend $5, $10, $15 and for an hour or two I am not alone.  Sure, I may not actually be WITH anyone specifically, but I am out, in society, where other people exist.  The grocery store security cameras see me, the credit card receipt gives proof to my having been there, proof of me existing.  So at least I am not totally alone.

Now, obviously I need to reign in my retail therapy.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we are thousands of dollars in debt, it has only been a week or so, but I need to stop before it really gets out of control.  So, here is where I need your help.  What can I do that is free and gets me out of the house?  I do try walking the dogs in the evening (we are officially in summer weather with highs in the 90’s, ugh too hot to be outside during the afternoons!) but other then that I’m kind of out of ideas.  Our mall is tiny and sucks, and the closest nice big mall is about a half hour drive and I worry about wasting gas.  (Otherwise, window shopping would be an idea since I’m pretty good at not actually going into mall stores)

I know that this depression has been creeping in with being alone, and feeling frustrated that I’m not doing anything baby-wise, and frustrated that I’m not losing weight (This heat has really sapped all my energy to exercise.  My walk with the dogs is really more of a meander because I just can’t get move any more.  When the sun goes down and it cools off I feel more energetic but then I need to be going to bed to avoid insomnia so I can get up for work the next morning.  This is when I wish I had a gym membership so I could go work out somewhere air conditioned.  Our house isn’t air conditioned… stupid old house)  And I really want to stop this downward spiral before it goes any further.  So bring on the suggestions!


**And on a final note today, finding chocolate in my mailbox today from my Chocobuddy was so great!  It was the perfect timing, reminding me that I am loved and thought of, all the way from the other side of the world!**


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  1. How nice with some chocolate in the mail box =)

    I’m recognizing what you are describing here a bit too well some days. But to get away from the computer I try to read more books. I love reading and it’s perfect if there’s a subject you are keen on learning more of or just a nice distraction with a chic-lit type of book (or whatever you prefer).
    Library or book stores are my favorite places right now.

    What else.. sun bathing if it’s warm.. make your own ice cream.. train the dogs to do more tricks. Don’t know really, depends what you like to do.


  2. Oh our gym isn’t air con (says it is, its lies) its like bikram cardio in the summer.
    Wasw reading last week and sending happythoughts, but didn’t comment I don’t think. Was following you though. sorry you’re on your own and its sucking atm.

    Free stuff? Picking your own flowers? I was going to suggest baking, but maybe not :-), or stocking up the freezer with home-made readymeals but I know you’re moving?

    Trying to think what I do, usually walk somewhere, cook something, if I can even tear myself away from the laptop! Could you learn something new, online course or something that you can pick up or do whenever? I’d suggest art/painting or something, but you know where I’m at with that and why I’m not really recommending. Upload photos to free photo storage online for family/friends? Go through existing photos and quantity reduce (something I know I need to do. Sorry, am just working through my own list), make cards for Christmas or birthdays (if you have your own craft stuff, of course)


  3. Boy! I am the same way…I love to eat out and shop. I’ve really tried to reign it in recently, but it’s a challenge at times.

    As for getting yourself out of the house and things not costing tons of money…I highly recommend museums. Many of the museums in my area that are very cheap…and random (there’s a quilting museum!). I’ve been to several of them when I just need to be out of the house.

    The other thing I love to do is take pictures. So, I head to a local shady area and park myself on a bench and snap away.

    A few summers ago, McRuger and I actually made a scavenger’s hunt for ourselves. It was a cheap way of having fun in the heat. We had to find white sugar at a Korean market (difficult), a penny on the sidewalk (that took me a while), take a picture of a cow and a horse together, and count how many times we heard the word “frog” over a week. It was just lots of fun.

    Many hugs!!!


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