This is why I don’t have my own reality TV

It’s been a very slow week.

Work has been so slow, they didn’t need me until this morning.  And even then I only worked for about 3 hours.

I should be utilizing all this down time to get stuff done.  Organize.  Pack.  Get rid of stuff.  But you know what I have been doing?

Watching True Blood.  I feel like a little kid with Christmas right around the corner, the 3rd season was officially released on the 31st, and since I pre-ordered it UPS says it will be in my little hands TOMORROW!  And the fourth season start on the 26th… I don’t have HBO but I know folks who do, and that’s what counts, right?  So I’ve been watching all the episodes with commentaries etc.  And I walk my dogs once a day.  Trying to balance out all this loafing around.  Part of it is that Colorado has apparently finally gotten the memo that it is summer, and in my world, it. is. HOT.  I like my nice and tepid climates, this 70+degree weather makes me not want to move… can you imagine me when it is 100+ degrees out?  I become this crazy-psycho-bitch-slug who can’t move and complains all day long.

The other thing I’ve done is I gave Radar (my oldest dog) and bath and brushed him a bit, trying to make a dent on his shedding coat.  And I met up with the women in my miscarriage support group last night.  It’s interesting, I like the girls but meeting once a month seems a little like… “what’s the point?”  So much happens in a month, and sometimes I’m in a low point and sometimes I’m in a high point and this time I was just so “meh.  nothin’ to say really” however I did have this amazing lemon-white-chocolate decadence that was delicious 🙂

Mostly I’m just doing my best to squish the teeny voice in the back of my head telling me Hubster may not come back from this fire.  That we aren’t going to grow old together, let along have kids together, that I’m going to be widowed.  Now, this isn’t a new voice.  It’s long been a fear of mine, and for the most part I do a good job of telling myself that my fears a paranoid, and that worrying wont change anything.  That my husband could have the safest job in the world and then get into a car accident or something.  We all have those moments of paranoia, one of the women last night admitted her silly paranoia was about being homeless.  So I know I’m not alone.

So ya… nothing so exciting.  I’m basically being lazy and whine-y.  But hey, at least I get to work tomorrow… not sure for how long, but it’s something to do, right?  and I’m going to do a movie night with a friend tomorrow night so… jut trying to keep myself busy.


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  1. I know when McRuger is traveling I have that same little voice….I’ve had to learn to keep it deep in the back of my brain. If I lived near you, we’d be totally hanging out…watching tv, washing our dogs, and eating great foods…while our husbands travel.


    • It’s interesting… ever since I told my friends that I would be moving I find them strangely unavailable. I’ve been trying to keep in touch, but I think they are subconsciously pulling away… so yes, I have very few folks to hang out with! But I definitely look forward to be on the same coast as you, and getting to take a train-vacation! It’s good to know I’m not the only person having those thoughts. *HUGS*


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