Pictures. And some craziness.

Ok.  I’m going to try to post some pictures, as folks have asked for some.  These were taken by me in my back yard so be nice that I couldn’t get a lot of angles or stuff.  I did my best to tame my curly hair…

Ok.  So there you go.  This is me.  Ugh, me no like-y….

So onto my craziness.  You all know I have deleted dairy from my diet.  And it got me thinking… could my aversion to lactose have been contributing to me lack of ovulating?  Any chance I could ovulate on my own this cycle?  And then Hubster actually initiated sex Saturday night (and I think I finally got through to him that candles=romance=sex.) and it was really good!  I didn’t fake it, I did all the “I’m having a good time” signs, but didn’t try to express anything else.  And no, I didn’t orgasm but it’s not for lack of anything Hubster was doing… I think it’s just my own infertility baggage.  ANYWAY, the thing that kept me up ALL NIGHT and lead to some intense insomnia was I suddenly got to thinking “CD1 was the 23rd… so we just had sex on CD6, and sperm can live about 5 days… and if I did ovulate on my own is there a teeny tiny snowballs chance in hell that I could get pregnant?”  This got thrown into even starker relief by the fact that Hubster got deployed on an 18 day assignment for a wildfire in southern Colorado.  So we can’t even try again next weekend!

It also means that a big chunk of the packing will fall on my shoulders.  :/

And we have nothing to sit on in our living room.

You want my random couch story?  So we had a loveseat that while originally was super comfy and cute, has seen better days and we had decided to donate to Habitat for Humanity.  Hubster’s grandparents had given us one of their extra couches back around Christmas time and we just hadn’t gotten around to putting it in the house (it has been living in our garage)  Anyway, so we finally got the loveseat out, and went to move the couch into its place.  But it turns out that since the house we live in was made in the 60’s or 70’s it has narrower doors in the downstairs and… we couldn’t get the couch in!  So back to the garage it went and now… we have a pile of pillows and camping chairs in its place.  Except I gave up and moved the TV into the bedroom because my bed is way comfier.

However, the couch episode aside, we did get a lot accomplished on Sunday.  Two full truck loads were donating, including a LOT of books, and two book cases.  We also threw out a lot of stuff too… And today I listed all my excess of Mary Kay products and contacted some other reps about buying them.  I don’t even hope to get all my money back, but if I can make a little money for the trip and clear out the giant box of MK stuff that would be nice.  (I became a consultant over a year ago, and it never really went anywhere.  I’m so not a sales person… and I ended up finding some skincare I liked better so than it was even harder to advocate selling it… but I do think that for some people that MK does great things.  So I’m not dogging the company, just say it’s not right for me)  So while the house looks a little like a bomb went off since we’ve been sorting through… we actually have gotten quite a bit done.  I also did all the laundry AND walked the dogs today.  Just a little bit every day….

5 weeks, 3 days until moving day!


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  1. Sounds like things are going well this week. Good luck with the packing…I hate moving so don’t envy you one bit!


    • Yes, things do overall to just seem… normal. Which is nice. I do wish I was one of those more “financially comfortable” folks who could pay to have someone pack up and move all my stuff, but really as I go through I’m getting rid of a lot of stuff. Stuff I have forgotten about, or been wanting to get rid of for a while and just not gotten around to it. Hubster actually had to tell me on Sunday that he doesn’t want me to go overboard and have nothing left TO move (which is a huge irony since I’m kind of a pack rat) so I’m just trying to take it a little at a time.n Hopefully I can keep it up!


  2. oh HI!!! you kinda outed yourself there!

    Couches, they’re overrated. Ours is dead uncomfy, and I prefer the beanbags.

    Sooooo, dairyfree, chocobuddy? wtf am I going to send you now?

    yay for hubster getting the party started!! lots of positive feedback to him, I reckon, to keep him in the party-mood


    • Well, I figure that pictures aren’t really google-able (especially these ones, their titles are just numbers given automatically by my camera).
      I miss the back support a couch offers but I’m really digging having the TV in the bedroom. Last night I cuddled up with my doggies and watched True Blood for a couple hours. It was such a nice way to chill after all the packing malarkey.
      Dairyfree SO doesn’t apply to chocolate! I’m still eating that lol…. so maybe I haven’t gone 100%. I have a feeling as long as I don’t make any more monster shakes with milk and yogurt that a little doesn’t really seem to bother me. I’ve even had a smidge of cheese here and there without realizing it and been fine. (And if you’re really worried dark chocolate is tasty and has less milk. But seriously, I’m still eating chocolate)
      Ya, I did give him good feedback. And talked a little about what motivated him/why he was in the mood so that I can remember what turns him on in the future too,.


  3. Did you cut a lot off your hair. I don’t know what it looked like before but this looks very pretty. Do you have Trader Joe’s where you are? They have the best vegan butter ever but then again you might be able to find some place besides TJ’s that carries it. It’s called Earth Balance. You won’t even know the difference. Promise.


  4. The pictures look great!! It sounds like you’re making some great changes in your life. We’re actually going to be living without a couch starting this Friday…so, it will be interesting.


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