Books, Talking, and Substitutes

So first off, I am all wiggely-excited that I got picked for the great COOKBOOK EXCHANGE!  Which means I need to go through my cupboards and pick out a cookbook or two for my own Cookbook exchange.  The basic premise is send out a fun cookbook (or two, however many you want really) and the winner passes on a cookbook of their own that they don’t use often.  I love trying new recipes, and have found food can bring back all sorts of memories, much like music or tv shows, and I think everyone can admit that at one time or another they have found comfort in certain foods.  So, here’s a little food therapy amongst us bloggers!  If you would like to entered into my cookbook exchange contest the rules are pretty simple. Step 1– follow me.  Or, in my case with wordpress, sign up for an email when I post which you can do via the upper right hand corner that says “stalking for dummies”.  Step 2 -leave a comment below telling me you want to be entered!  I’ll announce the winner next week 🙂  And then mail you out a cookbook!

Secondly, yesterday marked the turning of a page for me… I went and saw a Psychologist.  He came recommended by a friend from church, and aside from being a licensed, educated medical professional, and a Christian, he and his wife also struggled with infertility.  I think good things will come from this.  (Don’t get me started on people who market themselves as Counselors… there are some really wonderful and well educated counselors in the world, but there are also some ignorant waste-of-money counselors since there is no degree required to call yourself a counselor.  And having dealt with folks from both sides of the equation I wanted someone who I knew had a degree and stuff.)  Hubster was stuck in Wyoming for work so it was just me but that turned out to be a good thing so the Psychologist (Who I will call Dr.Empathy on here) could get a chance to hear my side of things, what I think the problems are etc.  Next he will meet with Hubster alone and get Hubster’s view.  I really like this approach, it allows us to express our fears/frustrations etc without editing to avoid hurting the other person.  The only problem is, since Dr.Empathy is so good, his schedule fills up fast and the next appointment he had available in the evening wasn’t until June 14th… so even after that we may only get on or two appointments in to see him before we move in the beginning of July.  But even if that is the case, I’m hoping that this will get the ball rolling and help Hubster and I start being able to have better dialogue about our feelings about infertility and sex.

And on a third note… lately I have been randomly sick.  Not cold-sick… diarrhea sick.  (sorry for TMI, but I figure if we can talk about cervical mucus, menses, injecting medications, I can talk about this) I’m sure that if you live in the States you have seen that yogurt commercial talking about “occasional irregularity” and that if you eat this product you won’t have that anymore.  Well, I’m not sure how long this has been going on really, it started slowly.  Months ago.  And it lead to a place where it was Every. Day.  and I was trying to eat right, lots of veggies for fiber, lots of yogurt for probiotics bla bla bla…. and every afternoon I would find myself feeling like I had minor food poisoning!  My normal breakfast is a smoothie made from milk, greek yogurt, frozen fruit and a banana.  It’s quick and tasty and I can take it with me when I dash out the door for work.  I can make it different by changing what kind of fruit I put in it, and it always has good protein from the milk and yogurt.  Tuesday of last week I didn’t have to work so I slept in and ended up having brunch with Khimmy, so no smoothie.  And I was totally fine!  Suddenly a little voice popped up in the back of my head that whispered “lactose intolerance! muahahaha!” so I decided to try completely ridding my diet of dairy for a week or two… I instantly felt better.  No more running to the bathroom!  To be honest I’m kind of bummed.  I love milk.  And yogurt and cheese and ice cream.  I am a dairy lover.  I was really hoping I was sick.  After 14 days I’ll try adding a different kind of dairy back in and see… some people can have cheese but not milk etc.  In some ways, I don’t mind the almond milk and coconut milk (soy is really bad… the soy industry in America has been monopolized and now the only seed farmers can grow has been genetically altered and some research shows that genetically altered food is bad for us, as well as being really expensive and forcing farmers to not have a say in what their growth operation looks like…. the documentary Food Inc. touches on this and I won’t support soy products anymore.) and actually I like the taste of those 2 options in place of milk.  The difficulty is there is no “almond milk yogurt” on store shelves so I would have to make it myself, and the coconut yogurt is all flavored, and so even the vanilla seems SUPER sweet after eating plain greek yogurt for the past couple of years.  So I guess I would have to make my own plain coconut yogurt too.  And I don’t mind making my own yogurt, but it’s not something I want to take on a month away from a cross-country move because you have to buy your own cultures and keep them alive and stuff…. meeerrrrrrrrr.  And I’m really skeptical of non-dairy cheeses…. so I ask you dear readers.  If anybody is a vegan or lactose intolerant and has found some especially tasty substitutes for yogurt, cheese etc please share!  Back when I was vegan (a story for another time if anybody actually cares lol) I didn’t know about the problems with soy so I basically substituted everything with soy-based products.  What’s a gal to do???  There is too much misinformation out there, I just want to be healthy!!!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I generally avoid lactose when I can. I would highly recommend goat’s milk yogurt (it has 1/3 of the lactose and more protein than cow’s milk). The same is true for goat cheese. Aged cow’s milk cheeses don’t have very much lactose in them as well. So, instead of cheddar, I use asiago cheese or feta.

    And, you make your own yogurt? Wow! I am totally impressed!!!

    I am glad that you like the psychologist you saw! It’s so important to “click” with them. I feel so thankful that I click with my therapist.


  2. hey… that’s weird – I am in the same place
    and now that you mentioned it, I did start eating cereal with milk almost daily lately! hmmmm, will have to investigate!


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