Lessons from TV-land

We all have those favorite movies or tv shows, and within them moments that really speak to us at a certain time.  Like listening to a song can bring you back, so can some shows.

Some of you may know that I am a pretty big True Blood fan.  Ok, I’m a HUGE fan.  As in, sometimes I have moments I wish my name was Sookie so some tall-dark-and-handsome could say it all seductively like Bill does. *blush*Anyyyyyway, I recently purchased the first season on blueray (thank you walmart for your low prices!  HBO stuff is expensive!)  and I have been enraptured, watching an episode or two in the afternoon after work.  Today I hit episode 6 titled “Cold Ground”.  A little recap for those of you who don’t follow the show:  Sookie has discovered her grandmother gruesomely murdered, and is dealing with the aftermath.  As friends and neighbors come to “comfort” her and inevitable say (or think – Sookie is telepathic) the wrong thing, Sookie is reeling from it all.  Her best friend Tara pulls Sookie to Sookie’s bedroom and gives her a little comfort, along with Tara’s cousin Lafayette after Sookie has a minor melt down over some leftover pie her grandmother had made before she had died.

Sookie: “Gran’s gone… she’s really gone.  I don’t know what I’m suppsoed to do.  I can’t even think straight.” 

Tara: “Well of course you can’t.  How can you with all these circling buzzards?  You know you’re not their entertainment, you don’t have to dance for them.  You just have to feel whatever you’re feeling.”

Sookie: “I’m not sure I’m feeling anything.  I’m just numb.”

Tara: “Numb is good.  Numb is probably exactly what you need right now. Stop worrying about being so damn appropriate, this is not an appropriate event.”

This episode in general, and this conversation in particular, brings me back to the week I took off from my rotations at the vet hospital because I found out we would be losing the baby for sure.  Numb, depressed, shocked… and not enough understanding and empathetic people in the world.  Especially the last line, that this is not an appropriate event.  And I don’t need to apologize for it.  Then, not but a day, maybe two?  I can’t remember… but shortly after getting our news, I found out a VERY close friend’s husband had committed suicide.  At the viewing and funeral she ran around trying to make everyone happy and I remember turning to her and telling her that she shouldn’t be comforting all of them, they should be comforting her.  While I never would wish what my friend went through on anybody, to a certain extent it was comforting to have someone else who was grieving right along with me.  Somebody who got it when I had emotional reaction (or overreaction as the case may be) or obsessed over some small thing or miniscule moment over and over and over.

So even though it’s all very sad, it’s also memories of kinship and closeness, and love at a time in my life when I really needed it.  And when she really needed it.  I think as much as it was important to have someone who understood me, it was also so helpful to have someone else to think about and give support to, to keep me from getting too deep in my depression spiral.

So that’s my random thought of the day.

That, and, I can’t wait for season 3 to get shipped out on DVD on the 31st!  (Belated birthday present from my dad, he rocks!)  AND, season 4 starts up June 26th… ya, I know, we don’t have cable and even if we did we wouldn’t pay for HBO, but it’s just so exciting to know it’s coming!  Now to track down my friends who DO pay for HBO and mooch their TV’s on Sunday nights lol.


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