Blown Away

I woke up this morning and my first thought was “oooooh noooo…. what did I post last night?  All my readers are going to think I’m some sleazy hussy!”  And then I get online, planning to write a big post trying to explain my ramblings and expecting all sorts of flaming responses…. and you guys blew me away.  To read that I’m not alone, other folks have gone through (or are currently going through!) the same issues brought tears to me eyes.  I think that you all understand that I don’t actually want to go be with anyone but Hubster, I just want us to be able to refresh this one area of our relationship.

I do have some high hopes for counseling this Friday.  I’m planning to try to jump in with both feet and just lay it all out on the table so we can find some solutions.  (I have a tendency to really surprise new therapists with how honest I am in the first meeting, but my feelings is why waste time and money by beating around the bush?)

I know that I’m really very lucky.  I found a guy who takes our commitment seriously.  He works so hard, at a job he really hates, to provide for us.  (I know he’s looking forward to our move if for no other reason than he will be giving his current job notice.  And can have a fresh start on pursuing a better job in our new home) He is on the same page as me in faith, family, and where we want to be in our future.


On a random side note, I’m watching “What Not To Wear” with Mindy Cohn, former child star of The Facts of Life.  I love how energetic and positive she is, and find myself really nodding along as she discusses the frustrations of trying to find fashionable clothes for plus-sized women.  I wish that someone would really make some changes in that department.  It’s not enough we aren’t really happy with our figures, but the only clothes we can find are shapeless tents that do NOT flatter.  But she fought through it and found some cute stuff and she looks sooooo beautiful!

***6 weeks, 2 days until the move!***


2 responses to this post.

  1. No flaming here hon, its not that forum I told you about!!!
    Your life, your blog, you choose what to write.
    I know people make a huge deal out of sex and that if its not going off in the bedroom, find someone else, but like you, Mr Stinky for the most part has been on the same page in all other apects of our life since we’ve been together, even when we were having THAT TALK. Having someone you get on with and still like to be around and WANT to be around to me is also as hugely important as to how often/long you have sex (and whether you finish too!!)

    Can you shop online, if somewhere has a good returns policy? I don’t know how these things work though, I’m shite at clothes shopping

    Hope the couples counselling works and give you both some stuff to work together with.

    Also wanted to say on the comment on last post, but it got so long
    “Horny, alone, and bleeding” that line made me LOL(in a good way) sounds like something I would say!


    • Ya, I know this isn’t that forum, but still, I worry about maybe one of these days I will write something and it will come across completely incorrectly and I’ll offend the heck out of somebody 😦

      It’s true, whenever people try to tell me we wont make it because of our sex life, I always ask them what they expect to happen to their marriages when they turn 60, or 70, or 80 and sex isn’t such a big part of the relationship anymore. I want someone I can grow old with, who I enjoy their company for the long haul. And I can say with certainty that Hubster is that person.

      Oh, I don’t think I’ll be actually doing much shopping any time soon. Plenty of other things to spend money on than making my wardrobe trendy, I just think there should be a better selection for people of all shapes and sizes.

      I’m so glad you liked that line, when I wrote it I made myself laugh so it’s nice to know I was able to have that effect on someone else 😀


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