So sad the weekend ended!

Well folks, I have to say it… I had a GREAT weekend.  Um… Minus the lack of test-passing.  😦

Anyway, the new Pirates movie was good, and then I went to a concert with my friend Rachel.  (Yes, the Rachel who once was my surrogate and that I’ve linked to her blog a couple of times… she is moving back to her home state as I move back to my home state, but I am confident we will remain friends!)  Rachel has exceptional taste in music, and so when she invited me to a final ladies night at a tiny local venue to see some band I had never heard of, I was game.  And I am SOOOO glad I went.  The music was very emotional, a mix of acoustic, electronic, folk, soft rock… not really sure how to classify it.

It opened with the band Slow Runner who was really good awesome.  (I still have their music playing through my brain)  Then William Fitzsimmons came on stage, and apparently Slow Runner acts as his band on the road, so that was a cool surprise.  It was the last show on their current tour so everyone had gotten a little…. tipsy drunk.  Which basically meant they were over-sharing and hilarious and made the show that much better.  Afterwards they stuck around, and the bassist ended up talking with Rachel and I, and Rachel’s friend S.  (I feel I should mention that for the encore his changed out of his jeans-and-tshirt into what I can only assume is his old high school wrestling uniform – which was kookie and great)  He ended up giving Rachel an impromptu banjo lesson and we each got a picture with the bassist and William.  Maybe when I’m feeling less self conscious I will post it, but they were making my laugh so hard that my face was at a bad angle and I basically just look deranged. It was so nice to drink a little wine, hang out with some friends, and chat it up with someone who has literally traveled all over the world and has tons of fascinating stories.  (Apparently he’s gone streaking in Amsterdam… but that’s normal, right?)

Then Sunday morning was church, which I love and will genuinely miss when we move.  Sure, we will find a new church, but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss these folks.  But then Hubster had to leave town for work and he will be gone All Week 😦  I’m trying to remind myself that this will be one of the last times he has to travel for work.  And will give me plenty of time to start going through our stuff.  Deciding what to pack, what to get rid of…. assuming I can get motivated to do it all.  It’s a little overwhelming… one room at a time, right?

*Six weeks, 3 days until we start driving!*


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  1. sometimes starting to pack without them home is a little easier…gives you a chance to get rid of their stuff that you’ve also wanted out of the house! 😉 oy, but it is overwhelming to get going. one quarter of one room at a time, you can do it!


    • Um, yea… Hubster would NOT handle me throwing away his stuff well. We both are fairly independent, stubborn folks so he would have a tantrum to rival a toddler… only I couldn’t really enforce a time-out with him. :/ However, I think that we are pretty good at compromising, so I don’t think there will be a lot of arguments.

      I really DO like the idea of taking it a QUARTER of a room at a time. That does seem more manageable! Hopefully I can post some progress soon.


  2. Ugghhh, I hate packing! My trick is to make a packing playlist on my iPod that’s about an hour long of great music. I go into a room, and I can’t stop packing until the playlist stops. Things seem to move much more quickly when there’s good music playing.

    I’m glad you had a good weekend. I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures as it gets closer!


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