Catching Up

Ok, I know I know, I’ve been totally MIA.  But for once it is not because I’ve been curled in the fetal position in the center of my bed crying my eyes out.  I have just been… out.  Busy with life.  Working.  Etc.  I keep thinking I need to get online but by the time I get home at the end of the day I have just be so tired and I think “eh, I’ll get caught up tomorrow.”  Blame it on my friend Khimmy who recently purchased “Insanity” work out DVD’s and she has dragged me into these work outs and they are great but are very much making me really exhausted 🙂

I like to think that this is because I have just been in a good place.  Work is going pretty smoothly.  Dr.A even told me that I have really improved that that was like gold, I’m telling you.  She rarely compliments, usually if she doesn’t say anything you are doing fine, and she only says something if you are doing it wrong.  So for her to give a compliment really REALLY means a lot.  Unfortunately my supervisor who has been a great teacher, and buffer to Dr.A’s short manner, gave her two weeks notice today.  I think everyone was surprised, I certainly had NO idea, and I’m stressed about what work will be like without her.  And I’m stressed that when I give my two weeks it will somehow be “the final straw” and work will be really tense… but I’m trying to see this as an opportunity to tell my supervisor my thoughts, and get an idea on how to best give my notice when the time comes.

Dogs are all good and healthy.  I know, I know, I promised pictures didn’t I?  I tried to upload them but isn’t working so I’ll try again tomorrow when I’m less sleepy.

But the real reason I decided to get my bum onto the computer is I got some really cool news today when I got home from a hair appointment. (It has been a long time, and I got a coupon to my favorite salon so I went… and promptly forgot to USE said coupon at check out.  But my hair looks fabulous and I feel good so I guess there is that.) A while back I submitted a request to EBC of Our New Plan A.  She is making honor blankets for the little ones we have lost, and she informed me that MY honor blanket is completed!  I was totally tearing up when I saw it, it is so bright and cheerful!  Back when we saw the words “pregnant” on our digital preg test, we immediately started thinking of the future with this baby… and even went to BabysRus and picked out a nursery theme of farm animals, so I requested a blanket that would have fit in the theme of yellow, red and green.  What EBC came up with is really great and I very much hope it brings comfort to those involved with Forever Warm.

Know you all are in my thoughts!!!


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  1. Glad to hear you’re better!
    Take good care of your knees, “insanity” is too hard on them.


  2. Ya, I can see that about the knees… My friend is completely motivated to do the 6-days-a-week-work-out, but I’m just doing every-other-day, and going for walks with my friend Bee on the off days. I think they rely heavily on legs for the work out because they assume people don’t have access to pull-up bars or kettle-bells at home which is true, I don’t have those things. When I get tired (which is pretty quickly) I modify the jogging-in-place and jumping-jacks to less intense of moves and just tell myself to keep moving in some capacity.


  3. What a gorgeous blanket… such a lovely idea. Glad to hear that all is well for you… insanity work-outs sound like fun 🙂 Love to you always xoxo


  4. Wish you took a pic! Would love to see it…


  5. Your fabulous hair!


  6. OH! Ok. Hm, that means taking a picture of me…ew. But for you, I will prevail! I should have taken a picture at the beginning of the concert Saturday night since I actually styled my hair, did the make-up thing and put on pretty ladies-night-out-clothes (as opposed to unflattering scrubs lol) I did get a picture at the end of the evening with the band but it’s really not flattering… they guys were making my laugh so hard so my face is at a bad angle. hm….


  7. Glad things are going well and congrats to the compliment =)

    I love the project over at EBC, such a nice thing to do!


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