This is Why I’m Not a Comedian

The other day I was talking with my friend M about how readers will come to a blog, but can’t think of anything to write. Perhaps previous readers have already posted profound comments that are wittier than what you have to say. Or maybe you are exhausted and can’t get your brain to think of anything good. You nod and think “yup, I hear you. I’m thinking of you” but that seems like a lame comment. We decided that there should be some sort of “blog lingo” to convey that sentiment. We do that all the time; infertility becomes IF, intra-uterine insemination becomes IUI, dear husband becomes DH and so on and so on. So what could we use to express our understanding, sympathy and/or appreciation for the authors wittiness? I have some thoughts. Admittedly, none of them are great. Feel free to add your own!

-IH: I’m here! (Or a dyslexic “Hi”)
-YR: You rock! (Or it’s shorthand for “YAR, I’m a pirate!”)
-TOY: Thinking of you. (Or a reference to the children’s movies… or adult pleasuring items… awkward)

Ok, I’m out. My brain is all fried so that’s my list.
In other news, it was deliciously rainy today. It was rejuvenating. I love it when it is rainy, and I get a nice hot latte… it’s similar to eating ice cream on a hot summers day. The balance of hot and cold, refreshing and cozy.

When we talk about the impending move, Hubster makes a lot of jokes about dragging his feet. But the problem is that people assume it is not joking, and I’m some super-shitty-selfish wife for forcing my husband to move to a bog or something. I kind of wish he would stop. I called him out on it tonight, we were at church and having dinner after the service. So then he admitted that mostly he just wants us to make a decision and run with it, he’s tired of the uncertainty. Here’s hoping he realizes he needs to cut back on the joking for good. Although knowing him and his wise-cracking sense of humor I’m sure I’ll have to remind him a few more times lol.

Oh, and I discovered an awesome new band, SHEL! Check them out at their facebook page!
Our friend’s kids are friends with the girls in the band and when we went to a joint birthday party Monday night we got to meet the band and their parents who are some pretty flippin’ awesome people. I’m just blown away by the music this girls have made, and will be releasing on their next album! (That’s right, I got to hear music that isn’t even on iTunes yet! I feel so fancy!)


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  1. I have a husband who likes to make wisecracks too, and it does get tiring. I hope you come to a decision that you both are happy with. From what I have read, it seems like moving would be a good thing for you…but no matter what, I am sure good things will come from it.


    • I think we both are happy about the idea to move to WA, he just has to pursue all paths towards his desired career as well. In all honesty as stressed as I get at times I’m 80% certain we will be making this move, and I really do think that Hubster will be happy once we get out there.


  2. Oh my fella is the worst at always joking around. Seriously I spend 80% of my time trying to figure out if he’s kidding or not! And sometimes he says stuff of the maybe meaningful kind then cracks up and I don’t know if he means it or what. Frustrating lol.
    Good luck making the decision. I’m such a fence sitter so I’d hate to be in your shoes and am no help whatsoever (sorry 🙂


    • Luckily I can usually tell when he is kidding… it’s just our friends (who don’t want us to move and so see any chink in the armor as a way to convince us not to) who seem to struggle with differentiating.
      I tend to be the person who makes a decision and then goes full-steam-ahead… which has its pros and cons lol!


  3. Hi IH TOY . . . what was the other one? Just practicing.

    Hey I got your postalnoms yesterday. Gone today. Bacon chocolate??? Unusual and compelling. Thank you!!!! Still not sorted this end . . .


    • Good practice, keep it up! 😉
      Ya, I’m glad you liked it!!!! I know, Bacon and Chocolate sounds so weird… Hubster thinks it’s disgusting, but I actually find I enjoy the sweet-meets-savory-ness of it.


  4. hey, great idea on coffee on rainy days! You just gave me a reason to love rainy days! That’s what I’ll start doing when it’s gloomy: heading out for a lovely hot and steamy latte!


    • I am beyond extatic to think I have brought another person over to the “dark side” lol. I get that the majority of people don’t like rain or want it in the large quantities that I do, but it’s nice to think that someone else will now enjoy their rainy days. Sometimes if I have time for lunch, I’ll do a warm panini sandwich, soup and my latte. So cozy!


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