No! Bad internet, baaaaad!!!!

For my internet access I have a USB drive thing-y from Verizon.  First, let me say that for the most part, I love Verizon.  My husband and I have been on a “family plan” with them since before we were married.  He has been with Verizon for almost a decade now.  We are loyal, and wont be leaving.  However… this USB leaves a lot to be desired.  It is really expensive per month, and within the walls of my house I am lucky to get 1 bar, on rare occasion 2, but never the full 4 bars.  If I leave my house, it works great at other friends houses, so I’m not sure what the problem is.  Anyway, it is slow at my house.  Dial-up slow.  It has been helping me to work on my patience.  And then the other day my laptop slow-mo-ed slipped to the floor, on the side the USB was stuck to… and now the USB is no longer nice and straight, but bent at a 45 degree angle.  It still works… kiiiinda.  It is now even slower than before (I had no idea that was physically possible) and half the time I get an “error/timeout” message when I try to pull a website, especially if I attempt to open more than one window or tab (heaven forbid!).  It probably took 3 minutes just to load my “new post” page.  And when you follow 40 blogs… well, you see my dilemma.  Not only does it take a millenia to open the home page, but if I start attempting to comment… well it makes me want to take the USB drive, walk out to the street, place in the middle of said street, and then run over it.  Repeatedly.  I am trying to find a solution, but my options are thus:

1- go to a friends or a starbucks every time I want to get online. (Let me tell you how thrilled I am with that!)

2-buy a new internet USB.  Refurbished ones are about $70-80.  Brand new they are $150.  I’m already on my second USB (yes, this has happened before… let’s not talk about that.) so not really excited to pay for another one.

3-utilize #1 until I qualify for a new phone upgrade (happening at the end of May) when I can they get something awesome like an iPhone or Droid, and use the phone as my internet hub.  (My current phone is the worlds most basic flip phone so it doesn’t have that capability… after breaking 2 blackberries this was what i got stuck with. … Is there a reoccurring theme here you think?)

We will probably go with #3.  So this is my very sad warning that I will be minimally commenting, updating etc for the month of May.  No ICLW for me this month just out of fairness.  Please be patient with me, I don’t want to lose my blog friends over a stupid-piece-of-*@%#-USB.

Now onto some good things.  *And there was much rejoicing*

Funny story from work this morning.  Central players; me, S (veteran co-worker), J (my supervisor).  You should know that the place that I am working in the morning is where I worked as a temp this winter.  I love working with them because the entire crew is very easygoing and lighthearted.  We tease a lot, and a handful are pretty crafty at innocent pranks (such as hiding each others coffee mugs or soda bottles)

S:That’s one very dirty dog, eh? (pronounced like the canadian “A?”, although she is not from Canada)

Me: Eh?

S: *turns to J* I think she needs to go home.

Me: Because I’m picking on you?

S: Yes.  You are as bad as J.

Me: Why would J fire me if I’m so like her?

S: Becuase people don’t usually like other people who are too like them!

Me: Ya… unless you’re AWE-SOME!!!

*J and I laughed for about 20 minutes as S could not come up with a good comeback*

In other news, I finally heard from one apartment complex that they are willing to make an exception for me and allow our 3 dogs instead of enforcing their usual maximum of two.  They think they may only have a one bedroom available which is not the ideal, but it is nice to have a backup plan if we cannot find a small house to rent or if a 2 bedroom does not become available there.  It also is not in the exact area of Tacoma I was hoping for, but there again, I am just SOOOOO relieved that someone is willing to give us a chance I’m really not complaining.

The more I open up to people that Hubster and I are planning to start the adoption process late summer/fall and see them be excited and supportive, the more excited I get.  J from work was SO incredibly sweet and excited.  I was doing my school’s final externship with her the week I found out we for sure would miscarry, so she has known a little about our infertility struggles (more than my current regular employer does for sure!) it meant a lot to me that she was so wonderful.  I really and truly do not understand how people can oppose adoption.  I don’t really want to go looking on the internet, giving their hateful websites my “view” to increase their statistics, so out of morbid curiosity… how CAN anybody oppose such a wonderful and beautiful thing???  It is just mind boggling, but in preparing myself for all sorts of things I want to be prepared so if I ever do meet such a person I wont be completely caught off guard by their point of view.

Alrighty, I’m pooped.  It’s 7:40 and I’m going to bed, and I don’t care how old that makes me sound.  Tomorrow I’ll be pulling a double shift, one at the VTH (where I am tempting in the mornings for the week) and then also a shift at my regular clinic and then HOPEFULLY will make my first miscarriage support group meeting.  (I missed April’s because I was working)  I’m actually doing ok mentally and emotionally, and my marriage seems to be going a lot smoother than last month, but I know that can change so quickly sometimes, so I’m going to go even though I’m not feeling particularly depressed.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Uggghh, I hate it when I have technology problems!! I will be sorry not to see your posts, but I understand!


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