3 is a crowd … ?

Ok, this doesn’t really have to do with infertility or adoption but here is what is on my mind.

We have three, very cute and sweet corgis.  They are healthy.  They are housebroken.  And apparently they are unwelcome in a new apartment.

I understand there has to be a limit.  I really do.  But someone, somewhere out there in the greater Tacoma area has to allow 3 small dogs!  3 dogs is not an unheard-of amount of dogs.  At work there are several files that contain 3,4,5 or more pets!

Every place I have talked to, if they allow pets, it is a maximum of 2 per household.  But two Great Danes take up much more space than three Corgis every would.  Sure, we could lie and hope we don’t get caught.  (That is how things currently are with the house we have rented.  The maximum is 3, but we have a total of 5 dogs in the house… it works because management is not on site, and our leasing agent actually basically told us to juts lie on our application so they know, they are just making an exception for us.)  Every time I talk with these 2-max-people, they suggest something like “can’t you have a friend watch one while you live here?”  Um…. ya… sure.  If I was going to be living there for a month.  But a year?  Not so much.  That isn’t dog-sitting, that is re-homing.  And I realize my dogs are not the exact same as people…. but I’m not re-homing them.  Not a single one of them.  Each is much loved, and one in particular is old.  He’s had a rough life, the last thing he needs is to be passed off just because of his age.  The other two are close to us as well.  The “suggestion” is just insensitive, I am especially shocked since the Northwest is much more animal friendly than Colorado is!  All these people have to do is say “yes” or “no” or “our pet policy is ___ number limit and/or ___ weight limit.”

*Banging head on laptop*

On an excited note tomorrow I start my part time assistance at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  A prestigious place, I worked for them in a apart time position this winter.  My boss and I were sad when the position ended.  She had emailed me a while back to see if I could fill in for a week and I jumped at the chance.  I was nervous to approach my new boss about it but she agreed to give me the time off (it’s only mornings, I’m still available in the afternoons for my regular job) Yay for going back to a job I know I can do well, with people that are really cool, laid back, and just plain fun!!!

I’m excited that with April’s ICLW I found a number of new adoption blogs to follow; it makes me even more impatient for our move to be over and finalized so we can be moving forward.  Although we are no closer to making a decision about domestic infant vs. international than we were yesterday…  Is there some multiple choice questionnaire out there to help us make a decision?  We plug in our desires, our fears and it pops out a happy answer!  How cool would that be???


6 responses to this post.

  1. I got your comment on my blog and wanted to give you some of our agency information. Why don’t you e-mail me (email address edited out) !

    I am sorry you’re having some issues finding an apartment that will accept 3 dogs! That must be so frustrating!!!


  2. Hope you find a place that your corgis and you love… and great news about your job 🙂 Hope your adoption plans go into motion once your move is over – thinking of you all the way xoxo


  3. maybe when they’re counting dogs, they’re counting the barking potential (as in 3 mouths can make more noise more often than three mouths)?

    If I were you, I would just lie. Just never walk all three of them at once 🙂


  4. Huh, weird. I have to say that CO is by far the MOST dog friendly place I’ve ever been. Almost every single person I know owns at least one dog (seriously, the person/dog ratio in my town has got to be close to 1:1), and they’re constantly all over town, outside of restaurants, etc.

    Good luck finding a place that will allow them.


  5. Oh I hope you find a place that accept them all. How frustrating! I love the sound of your job. When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian =)


  6. Congratulations on the job! I could literally feel your joy and excitement over it. 🙂

    Adding my well wishes to finding a home that will accomodate your dogs!

    Thank you once again for dropping by on my blog, and leaving a warm thoughtful comment.


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