Epic Fail

I actually saw a car today, that over the back window was a giant stylized sticker that read “FAIL”.  It made me and Khimmy laugh (she and I had gone out for breakfast, and then ran to my guilty pleasure ULTA for some new face wash.)  Why do I fail?  Um, because of the total lack of posting and commenting I have been guilty of.  Although I am hoping very much to catch up this weekend.  My week ended on a pretty good note.

Work: Had a little meeting with my supervisor on Friday.  We talked about areas that I’m doing well and where I can improve.  She told me I’m too hard on myself (where I have I heard that before…  ?  It’s hard not to be  though when everyone I know has bosses who threaten them with getting fired for every minor infraction so I come to anticipate it and therefore hold myself to some standard of attempted perfection.)  I’m actully feeling pretty positive about my job and for once am not secretly wishing I could just quit.  I guess I have survived my first month so I’m finding more of rhythm and expectation of my job.  Yay!

Housing: I got a new vacuum!  I originally bought a different one but it just pushed the dog hair around, so I promptly returned it and got a Hoover canster vacuum that I have already gleefully used to get all the dog hair and dirt up.  It’s so nice to have clean carpets!  (We have three corgis, and it is spring shedding season… and our previous vacuum died a long time ago so we have been using friends occasionally to get by but it’s just not the same.)  The surprising thing has been MY enthusiasm to clean.  I usually loath is (I do it for a good portion of each shift, why would I want to come home and clean???) but since having something new that WORKS has changed my tune.  Let’s just hope this keeps up!  Also on the moving front, I’ve been researching apartments in the area of Washington we want to move to, and initially narrowed it down to 10 places that seem to fit our criteria (affordable, has a washer and dryer in the unit, allows pets) and then narrowed it down to 4 that seem to be the best value/best amenities/best locations.  Now to have friends and family scope them out and assure us that the websites match the reality of the situation!  I’m feeling even more excited as this move feels more and more tangible.

Marriage: This seems to be back to it’s normalness.  We banter, laugh, talk about our days.  Sure we still have areas to improve upon but what relationship doesn’t?  Looking forward to our therapy appointment this Friday.

Weight: Ok, I’m not exactly on a roll here, but I went and got some new work out clothes that fit and don’t have holes, and Hubster and I came up with a plan for my enrollment in the local Crossfit.  Now to get to the grocery store and get some healthy food in the house so we stop eating out.  Expensive and unhealthy… not a good combination.

Infertility stuff: We have been talking more about the adoption options.  I have fears with domestic infant of a birth mother not choosing us/changing her mind after we plan on bringing home a wee one.  I feel more confident/excited about international adoption since those children have already been surrendered/taken by the government.  But Hubster is unsure/sad about the idea of missing out on the infancy, as international adoption is usually 1-2 years old.  Not sure exactly where that leaves us, but much more conversation will be taking place.  Luckily we don’t have to make a decision until at least August, if not later.  We will need to get established with jobs etc after we move after all.

Randomness: I have 5 tattoos.  Hubster has told me for a while I could not get anything new until after he got a tattoo.  Tonight he got his first tattoo.  He sat grimacing for almost 2 hours on the table and walked away with a beautiful tat on his left calf of his firefighting mask.  (He was even able to incorporate our journey into Orthodoxy a little bit!)  I’ll post pictures when it’s healed a bit…  And that means I have no guilt about my upcoming tattoo appointment on the 10th when I will finally be getting the commemorative tattoo for my miscarriage I have been wanting since last fall.  The EDD was this past March, and April was IF awareness month, so it seemed like a good time to get it.  (Plus we got our tax refund… which mostly we are being very responsible with but we have to have a little fun now and then too!)

Well, I think that about sums me up for the moment.  Again I apologize for my absence and on all your blogs that I read on a regular basis.  I have been thinking of you guys!!!


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  1. When considering your decision regarding domestic vs international adoption, please consider your wait times and travel costs. Also check out the laws regarding the time limits for parental relinquishment in the state of Washington. In either case, there is always a degree or risk, that is unavoidable. But I have heard of an agency that only matches birthparents and adoptive parents at the 6 month pregnancy mark. It’s a big decision to make and there is so much to consider.


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