Making Up For My Lazy Moment

(If you are here for ICLW, WELCOME!  But this post is really more of a recognition of the wonderful bloggers I know and not so much about me so feel free to skim through some of my previous posts.  Or as a question, I’m an open book! But feel free to check out some of these bloggers because they are some wonderful women!)

Ok.  I’m sorry I didn’t specifically name a blog for the awards last night.  It had been such an emotional roller coaster day and I was so tired.  So I will now officially name names.  I know that is an important part of these things, to recognize the blogs we love, that have touched us.  So without further ado: (and ya… I alphabetized them… I wasn’t sure how to best order them without making it seem like one is better than another)

Amber at

AP at

Cattiz at

EBC at

Elphaba at

Field of Dreams at

Hilary at

Jess at

Josey at

Kiwi at

Lavonne at

Mo at

Mrs.Gamgee at

Reedu at

Sarah at

Slcurwin at

Stinky at (HI CHOCOBUDDY!!!)

Sarah at

Tanya at

So, that’s not the 25 I’m supposed to list… but that’s basically it when it comes to the blogs I follow.  I do have a job and three dogs and a lot of stuff going on that keeps me away from my laptop and thus limits the number of blogs I can faithfully follow.  I know there are plenty of wonderful and awesome blogs out there and I’m slowly adding more to my list but I don’t thin I will ever be someone who faithfully follows 100 blogs.  Hats off to those who do!


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  1. Great list of blogs…. Happy Easter… hope you get plenty of rest and your days are less of a roller-coaster. Thinking of you xoxo


  2. Hi from ICLW! I’ve read through several of your blogs and just wanted to say that I am sending many good vibes your way! And I understand about the husband thing, I totally do.


    • Hey! Welcome to my humble little blog. 🙂 Thank you for the good vibes and for the understanding! I sometimes think I’m all alone… but that is the wonders of blogging! Realizing that I am not alone. Can’t wait to check out your blog!


  3. Thank you!! Got your email, bloody blogger. What are we, stylish or versatile , or both?!

    I did skim through earlier but was trying to get the IcomWeleave stuff started, and if I’d got into my blog I would have lost a few hours of a perfectly good day. But I will do it after. I don’t follow 25 blogs though and the ones I do follow I think you have nominated. Will check the list anyway.

    Re your comment, I WILL say something to Mrs Non! The consensus is that it is ok. I need assertion lessons sometimes (or a reality check!) Ta and have a fab eggfest day


    • oh and btw, are you still flying under the radar or is it ok to link back to you here


      • You are both Stylish and Versatile! No worries about taking your time… obviously it has taken me over 24 hours to write the award acceptance and nomination and then get around to telling the nominees (Are you a nominee if you all win?)
        I have a tendency to not be assertive and then in a valiant attempt to stand up for myself I totally put my foot in my mouth and look like a giant ass…. so I’m still working on balancing that too! Haha 🙂
        And you can most definitely link to my blog from your blog. I was just trying to keep certain folks that followed my old blog from finding this new blog, but I seriously doubt that they would be reading all my readers blogs in an attempt to find me… that would be creepy actually. But HIGHLY unlikely. So link away my friend 🙂 Hope you have a great EggDay yourself. Mine is going to consist of a midnight service Saturday night/Sunday evening, then much sleeping, followed by a GIANT church picnic that from what I have heard sounds like it is going to be EPIC. I plan to bring Guinness Cheesecake so that means most of Saturday will be spent getting ingredients and then baking…

  4. You are so sweet! Thank you!


  5. can’t reply to your reply. Oh well. Just wanted to say that I’d just read you go to church so am a bit red-faced, of course Easter is a teensy bit more to you than just egg-day. Tend to project my godlessness on to other people I guess!
    Yum, bit picnic, sounds cool, guinness cheesecake sounds tres interessant . . . (not a guinness fan myself)

    Everyone’s a winner. In their own special way


    • Oh no, please don’t be embarrassed! The fact is 90% of my friends are not Christians so I am used to referring to holidays in different terms, or even as completely different holidays (such as when I talk to my friend Polly about their upcoming Summer Solstice celebration) so please don’t feel awkward.
      Not a Guinness fan? I also have a Chambord Cheesscake recipe around here somewhere… Did I mention I love to bake??? 😀


  6. Thanks for the shout out! Blogging is a time consuming hobby. I would love to faithfully follow more blogs too, but like you, there isn’t enough time. Love your blog!


  7. Thanks for the blog award! I will try to post about it early this week but I’m pretty overwhelmed right now so I may not get to it right away…. Happy Easter! 🙂


  8. Thanks for the award and the shoutout =)


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