A Day of Good Things

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their thoughts/prayers/good mojo for Rachel and Mo.  I went with Rachel to her appointment with our local hospital for a follow up ultrasound.  I felt totally at a loss of good things to say.  I wanted to be supportive without encouraging false hopes.  We sat waiting on pins and needles.  Finally got called into the ultrasound room.  The technician did the little “hi how are ya” thing and Rachel gut up on the table.  We waited … and the technician turns the screen so we can see her uterus.  With a teeny tiny squishy little baby with heartbeat a-fluttering away!  I almost cried tears of joy for Rachel.  We went out for celebratory ice cream afterward and while there are still plenty of things she is stressing over, at least we can tack “ectopic” off the table.

Then… I was awarded my very first blog award!  I feel just like those budding starlets when they are sitting at the emmy’s, thinking the award of course will go to the bigger star with the bigger show… and then their name is called and they are all fluttering their hands to dry their eyes and stuttering because they didn’t prepare a speech…  Ok, maybe that’s a little exaggeration.  But it is really exciting, it makes me feel like a viable blog.  People not only read, and comment, but they think of me enough to give me an award.  So from New Year Mum I received:


The Stylish Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award!

First, link back to the person who awarded you.

Secondly, for both awards you must tell 7 things about yourself, so that’s a total of 14:

1-My mom was Roman Catholic and my dad was Nazarene.  So they raised us in the Lutheran church and impressed upon us the importance of owning whatever we believed in.  It is something I hope to pass on to my child(ren) someday.

2-I don’t believe in tv’s in cars for kids.  We went on road trips and boating trips… the idea was to bond as a family and enjoy the scenery.  Take turns picking out music.  Sharing, patience and all those goods things.

3-I’m a Pisces.  And while I don’t really believe that when you were born dictates your personality… I have to admit it’s pretty true of me.  Super sensitive, emotional, overly clarifies points in communication… and I freaking love the water.

4-I grew up with a minimum of two dogs in the household, sometimes 3.  We also had a cat, a hamster, a guinea pig, and fish at various points in time.  I want my kids to be raised with pets to learn how to handle, love, and respect animals.  And hopefully get them involved in chores.

5-I hate my pinky toes.  If I was going to have cosmetic surgery for some reason, it would be on those weird little things. Although I don’t see myself ever spending money on cosmetic surgery.

6-I loved wolves growing up.  I wanted to paint my walls dark brown so it would be like a cave.  My parents wouldn’t allow me to do that. (they “compromised” with a light tan.  Totally missed the effect I was going for)  I had a wolf bedspread and wallpaper border along the top of the room.  When playing in the greenbelts with my friend Polly we came up with a howl “morse code” so we could communicate by distance.  … I was. such. a. dork.  😀

7-My shopping addiction: shoes.  With high heels.

8-My signature alcoholic beverage is Gin and Tonic, with a sprig of mint, no lime.  (It’s hard to find bars in my town that keep mint in stock, but I swear it is delicious.) And my favorite gin is New Amsterdam.

9-My favorite pie is lemon meringue .

10-I’m currently watching the TV show “Big Bang Theory”.  It’s flippin’ hilarious!

11-I rarely take the time to put makeup on for my job, but I love dressing up and pulling out my gads of makeup and getting to play with it. In high school the guy at the Benefit makeup counter at Nordstroms knew me and my friend by name.

12-I hate cleaning.  But I love being all Suzy-homemaker with baking, cooking, sewing and home decorating.  It just so rarely happens.

13-My cell phone sucks.  It’s the most basic model Verizon carries because I epically killed my blackberry.  Two… maybe three times.

14-I very rarely, on occasion, play World of Warcraft.  But I refuse to pay for it so I use my friends account.  That they paid $500 for.  Some people have too much money.

THEN, award other bloggers.  15 for the Versatile Blog and 10 for the Stylish Blog.  But I don’t know too many blogs since I’m a blogging baby.  So… tell you what.  If you read me blog… YOU WIN!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Love the things about you… I should have done 14 – didn’t think of doing that. Love lemon meringue pie :)) xoxo


  2. awww thanks for the blog award AND the blanket request! i’m quite excited about both!! i will get started on your honor blanket in the next few days once i get a hold red, green and yellow yarn! love it!!


  3. I am 110% with you on your #2 and #7. I cannot stand the commercial airing right now where the obnoxious kid with blonde hair watches his cartoon in his car while the other kid across the way deals with his parents’ singing. I said to my husband the other night, “If we have a son and he’s like the blonde kid, I don’t want him.”

    THANK YOU for the award! That’s awesome. I’ll put it up ASAP!


    • THAT EXACT COMMERCIAL is why I put that on my list! It came on while I was typing and I was just disgusted by it. Too funny….
      Maybe one day I’ll post some picks of my favorite pairs of shoes I own… would that be weird??? lol 🙂


  4. As for #7 – I share your obsession!


  5. So, I’m catching up here but I’m so glad your friends baby is okay!


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