**Update on the SA

So, after posting the previous bit earlier today, I finally got the results of Scott’s sperm analysis from on Friday.  Keeping in mind that he didn’t hold off the recommended 3-5 days… he only had 2 days since his last “happy time”.  But still…

The average ejaculate is 1.5-5mls of fluid.  Hubsters total was 0.5ml.  HALF A MILLILITER!  That might be why we’ve been seeing nada.  However, they said his numbers of sperm was over 25 million, 50% motility, 19% rapid motility.  The nurse said those numbers were good.

We talked about not doing the Lap and just doing an IUI this next cycle.  She said that we would need to check with our insurance because some insurance companies wont allow you to go back to testing if you have been diagnosed as infertile (which would officially happen once we did an IUI)  I don’t know why I suddenly am less enthused about doing the Lap.  I just want to get back to the trying.  I guess we will see what United Healthcare has to say and go from there.

On a side note I hung out with Rachel a bit this afternoon.  It was nice, it’s been so long since I’ve seen her!  Just talking about what has been going on with her and her boyfriend since discovering their pregnancy.  And she was a great sounding board for all the stuff Hubster and I have been arguing over as well.  Sometimes it’s just nice to hear someone say “you’re not being crazy.” and she came up with an option to give to Hubster in an attempt to compromise.  We’ll say what he has to say…  If I can just get him to answer his dang phone.   😦


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  1. 25 million is still a GREAT number. My friend Steph got pregnant doing IUI… and if I remember right, her DH’s sperm count was <10mil.

    My insurance covered NOTHING once I had the IF diagnosis – definitely be careful of that.


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